Chapter 77


‘Hey man'..Cooper muttered tapping the back of my head as I walked down the school hallway.I noticed few female eyes winking at me but choose to ignore them since I was in a bad mood...

‘Hey Cooper'..i murmured in reply as I opened my locker..

‘Sheesh seems like you woke up at the wrong side of the bed this morning?? What's wrong??'..He asked..

‘I'm just bummed actually though,my grades are slipping and mom is on my neck well forget about me anyway did you receive your ratio yesterday??'..I replied rhetorically and he snickered...

‘Yeah I got it,67% actually'..he responded and I smirked.He's getting 67 and I'm getting 38 and we're both friends.This isn't s good development for me...

‘Lucky you,can you even imagine my mom asking political money to tutor me in Math??'..I said..

‘Really?? No shit!!'..He exclaime

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