Chapter 78

Alpha Derrick's POV

In The Principal's Office



‘So the study program has drafted out a study time table for the both of you'..Principal Terian muttered under his breath as he passed a laminated sheet to me.I stared down at it and frowned deeply when I realised what content it carried..

‘For real P.T?? Study time by 12pm and 8am?? even on Saturdays??'..i protested and he frowned...

‘First of all it's Principal Terian to you and not P.T,secondly your mother wanted you to have extra study hours and judging from your grades you really need it and —Oh Lina sit down'..he said and beckoned Lina who came into the office to sit down.I shot her a dirty look and she nervously evaded my gaze...

‘Good afternoon Principal Terian Alpha Derrick'..She muttered and I sneered at her...

‘Good afternoon Lina,you got my letter i guess??'..Pri

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