Chapter 80

Alpha Derrick's POV

Dollar dollar bills come get her..

  Even your man know Nicki do it Better.

I know you don't like me,you wanna fight me always on my page never double tap like me..

‘Whoooo!!!!'..I screamed loudly as I jumped into the pool.Everyone cheered loudly as the DJ changed the song to ‘Taki taki'.I glanced over to Lina's window and watched as she kept reading her book despite the noise.. 

Jeez all she knows how to is read and clean??..

‘Hey man great party!!'.Cooper screamed interluding my thoughts..

‘Yeah,I know right so where's Nicole??'..i asked checking if the lead highschool cheerleader was at the party...

‘Yeah I think she's with tall Jones'..He replied and swam to the left side of the pool.I glanced over at Lina's window again and our eyes met each other.She quickly looked a

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