Chapter 81

Lina's POV

My head spun as the whole class pointed and laughed at me for the menstrual blood on my skirt.It was like what happened in 3rd grade repeating itself only that this time I wasn't playing a piano..

‘I'm sorry but i need to go sir'..i said to Mr Jefferson and ran out of the class not being able to handle the shame anymore in tears and just my luck Class 15 had just finished their gym class so i bumped into the crowd..

‘Whoa!!'..Some of the guys exclaimed and i just pushed my way through then and ran into the bathroom.I locked myself in one and bursted into hot tears thereafter...

I hate this place...

Serani's POV

I clenched my teeth trying to keep the anger in me hidden for as long as possible and when Lina ran out of the class I couldn't bear it anymore...

‘That's enough all of you!! That's enough don't talk ab

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