Chapter 79

Lina's POV

I quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my cold wet body.Alpha Derrick just stood by the doorway glaring at me and that's when i groaned loudly..

‘You're the worst Alpha Derrick Anderson!! Please leave my room!!'..i cried out throwing my shorts at him and he scoffed...

‘Hey I'm just here to see uhh..well I'm just here to tell you to wash the dishes before mom comes back'..he said and walked out the door.No matter how hard I try to deny it there's something kinda appealing about Alpha Derrick even though he's a total jerk.I guess that's why girls flock around him like flies...

I changed into a simple dress which had a little tear at the edge but i ignored it.I went to the kitchen and started doing the dishes and that's when I heard Alpha Derrick's phone call...

 :Mom?? You should have told me this earlier..okay..yeah..when are you coming back ho

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