Chapter 87

Alpha Derrick's POV

I watched as Serani came back with tears in her eyes and ignored Trevor who in return followed her.Minutes after Lina came back with her eyes red with anger and walked past me for Chase..

What happened??..

‘Jeez it seems like there's going to be a rumble,what happened between the two besties??'..Cooper asked and I frowned..

‘Must you always gossip?? Dude stop acting like a ninny'..I replied and he snickered..

‘Sorry but I always have a nose for the news man,it's not my fault'..He said..

‘Ohh but keep your nose out of their business,you know it's a bestie problem'..I murmured and glanced at Lina again only to see her smiling but the corner of her lips I saw the worry lines...

Why do i feel like she's doing this just to spite me and it isn't working??..

Already tired of eating

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