Chapter 88

Lina's POV

The Next Morning



I yawned loudly as i opened my eyes and muttered Serani's name to pass me the bottle of water on the lower bunk.I got no reply and that's when the events of yesterday flashed through my head as I opened my eyes...

Serani is gone..

She's gone and she's never coming back...

I let out another yawn and jumped down from the bed seeing Theresa,Nicole's best friend snoring like a pig.I glanced over at the clock and saw that it was still 7am in the morning and according to our itinerary everyone was supposed to assemble in the middle of the woods by 10:30am...

‘Close the curtains would ya??'..Theresa murmured as I peeped out the window to check for anything interesting..

‘Sorry'..I replied and climbed back to my head.I released a sigh and closed my eyes expecting sleep to come but no—instead the s

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