Chapter 89

Lina's POV

‘Ughhh'..I groaned loudly as I stomped back to the middle of the roads where everyone was.Alpha Derrick was talking to another girl by the time I got there and to spite him the more i kissed Chase's cheek..

‘Listen up delinquents!! We're going hiking into Mara woods and since Principal Terian and I would be busy he's assigned a partner to each and everyone of you,Alpha Derrick Anderson and Trevor Whatever would be your guide and they are both in charge,If you need anything ask them got that??'..He asked and everyone grumbled..

‘Yes sir!!'..

‘Good so if you hear your names go hold your partner,Britney Spears and Rodney Cole...'..He continued calling names and I kept glancing over to Alpha Derrick who in returned frowned when our eyes met..

Was he lying about the part of Chase being a sex magnet or is he just jealous??...


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