Chapter 25 “Dead come back to live”


Long underground hallway that leads to the sacred room. In its possession is a sacred weapon, capable of slaying anyone and anything in this realm whether monster or human, magical or not.

This weapon is blessed with a Demons strength, Goddesses light, Witches curse, Human hope and the Elders bliss. The makers of the weapon held great power once. If legends are speaking the truth - some of them are still alive. Still wielding great power.

The basic ones to cast such a great feat on a piece of an item were quite the messy lot - Me, Anne, Goddess, Ary and Maddy. We did so when the War with Fifth Realm came to us.

The King of Sopdar is seeking protection by possessing this weapon. He and his army are crossing the mountain of Three Saint Sages. Ready to rampage the towns, take over the land, then get the weapon and rule this world, or more accurately - the remains of this world.

They still don’t know many flaws this weapon has, nor the fact that only ones who travelled through paral
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