Chapter 26 “Famished Savage”


“Just how long is it going to take?” - Resam looked at my struggles. Dealing with technology that was more than a century old.

“Give me some time. One must keep patience.” - I fiddled with mechanisms.

Loud roar of the dragon shook the earth, sending shivers. Huge armoured dragon landed in the resistance camp. Forces of protectors have come together here to be ready for when the King's men will attack.

Elvish man, the same who gave lift to David, stepped off from the dragon's back, holding onto armour that covered the beast. He looked around, eyes seeking for someone. Dragon grunted, which got a slight tap on the nose from the man. Elf gave another look to the surrounding soldiers, then his eyes met with Resams' gaze, making him walk towards this old man.

“This barrier mechanism needs some elvish touch.” - He spoke, as he pushed me aside, then switched some gears on this old thing. The moment he said something in Elvish, producing the last click with a switch - gears went in mot
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