Scum Husband Became A Billionaire Genius

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Scum Husband Became A Billionaire Genius

By: Arch Angel Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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"I don't want to put up with you anymore. You're such a good-for-nothing. Do you know how much ridicule I suffered to keep this marriage working? I deserve someone better. Let's end this broken marriage, " Henry's Wife said. Henry Brown, Emily Miller's husband, had always been subject to disdain from the Miller family due to his poor financial ability and his lack of notable achievements. He was regarded as a scum and deadbeat husband by everyone. However, when Henry Brown was left for dead by those who wanted to relive themselves of the stain Henry Brown's name caused them, he received a second chance at survival by a god who granted him special abilities. Back to avenge those who killed him, Henry Brown used his exceptional abilities to climb to the top where he won't be looked down on by anyone. Henry vowed to make his wife and the Miller's family crawl on their knees, begging him. Watch as he rise to the top to dominate the whole world!

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  • cidoy18157


    Nice story. I love it

    2024-01-09 00:41:26
  • lanaxih963


    This book is now my new addiction. Each chapters will keep you wanting for more. Author should release more chapters.

    2024-01-09 00:36:59
  • poxofox816


    With its unpredictable plot and rich character arcs, this book is a breath of fresh air if you want something unique and good. Trust me when I say this novel deserves a spot in every readers shelf. ...️...️

    2024-01-09 00:21:37
  • LordDreamer


    A beautiful masterpiece with a well written plot filled with suspense, twist and turns.The grammer and punctuations is wonderful and neatly written. A literary gem that demands to be devoured!

    2024-01-09 00:12:47
  • xijoxi7183


    Wow. This book is so Captivating the moment I started reading it. I'm rating this a 5/5 because this is the type of story that will leave you on the edge of your seats.

    2024-01-09 00:02:35
  • feyofe1767


    Good Book. Give it a try. You won't regret it

    2024-01-09 00:31:23
  • fixed15307


    Finally found a good book that's worth my time. Book is so interesting!!!

    2024-01-09 00:26:28
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179 chapters
Rare Chances
Henry Brown sat on the hospital's bed, anxiously going through the phone numbers.He kept thinking back to what the doctor had said."Mr. Brown, I'm sorry to tell you that your mother is in the final stage of cancer. The cost of chemotherapy is about 50,000 dollars. You can go and pay the fee, and we can arrange the treatment here."Eighty thousand dollars? How did he figure out such a large charge?His father had vanished when he was five years old, leaving behind a massive debt. Nobody was aware of his whereabouts.The mother and kid had been living on the streets for years after their creditors had stolen their residence. His mother had never married again because she feared he would be mistreated.He had intended to rely solely on himself to work hard and provide his mother with a secure and contented life after graduating.But years of overwork led to cancer, which sent his mother into the hospital.He had gone to every lending company in order to address his mother's ailment. Bu
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Stronger than Yesterday
His forehead was marked by a mark that looked like a serpent coiling around a scepter as a strong force accumulated there.For a brief moment, something changed inside him. He was still breathing. He was granted a second chance. Henry later found himself resting on the beach when he opened his eyes once more."Oh my God, what actually happened? I'm supposed to be dead. Is this actually real?" he felt the mark on his head.He then turned his gaze to his chest.Even though his body had healed and there was no visible scar, his clothing was still torn.And he could definitely feel the residual holy energy in his body. The overwhelming sensation was beyond words.It was too late to worry too much. He raced to the hospital because his mother was still there.He appeared to be a ghost to onlookers at this point. He ran like he was about to loose something precious. "Oh my God, what kind of terrifying thing is this? He looks like a mad man?" Some of the onlookers saidHenry was blind to th
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Godlike abilities
"Mom!" Henry said, shoving the strong man aside and grabbing his mom."Today, I'm going to disgraced you and make you kneel in front of the hospital!" The shark loan members angrily exclaimed."Then let's see whose fist is harder."Henry would never have lowered his head or compromised his dignity for the benefit of a nasty person if he hadn't been endowed with heavenly power."Who dares to put up a fight with the Shark loan members? Do you want to die?"At this point, the head of the shark loan owner, Lucas, stepped out of a car wearing sunglasses. Rebecca was there, too.Has she found another rich man quickly and dumped Jacob? such a shameful whore.It appears that the Wayne family were the owners of the shark loan business where Henry came to borrow money from. Henry never knew that the Lucas family owned the business neither was he aware that the head of the shark loan was Jacob.Lucas had begged his father for the opportunity to run the business so he'll be able to use it and sho
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Ungrateful Apologies
"We need to find a new apartment. Our former one is no longer save..." Henry told his mother when they arrived home.Josephine wanted to turn down the idea but after seeing what happened earlier, it was best they packed out of their current apartment."They'll continue to hunt us. It's no use running away." Josephine said.Holding his mother's hand, Henry careful explained, "I'll find a way to pay them back. but first, I need to ensure you're save. This people are dangerous."Nodding, the both of them spend their time packing their precious belongings. After they were done, Henry flagged down a taxi and helped put their small luggages into the car."Take us to south town,"Henry told the driver their address and the car drove off.*******"Henry, you shouldn't have been so impulsive just now..."As Josephine spoke, she glanced worriedly at Henry in the car.Henry cut her off before she could say anything more, assuring her, "Mom, don't worry. It'll be fine."Josephine could not calm he
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The Painful Divorce
After she was done talking, she turned towards Henry "Come with me after you've cleaned things up. I have something to tell you." She then went back to the car.Henry said goodbye to his mother and got into the car after packing the belongings.Emily buckled up her seat belt and turned on the car while they speedily drove off.Finally, the both of them arrived at a mall entryway. Henry walked behind Emily as she led the way.Gazing sideways, Emily's hips wavered with each step. It was quite alluring. After seeing it, Henry's mouth felt parched. Suddenly he was bumped from behind by someone, and he threw himself over Emily, giving her an unconscious hug. He put his hands on her chest.Simultaneously, some information concerning Emily emerged in Henry's consciousness.[Status: She has an upcoming sickness...][Cause: She was cursed]While Henry was trying unconsciously to take the curse off of Emily's body, she violently shoved him away, "You pervert, what are you doing?" She warned him
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Helping Someone in Need
But as soon as he grasped the old man's soul by the arm, he became aware that the man was being drawn away by an unseen force."You can't!"Henry drew the old Papa away. He had a gut feeling that even God would fail to save the man if he failed to retrieve his soul!The ambulance also showed up at the site at this point. The old man received rapid initial diagnosis and treatment from the physician and nurses.The doctor paused his work after a while, placed the hearing aid away, and gave the granddaughter a regretful look."I'm sorry, Miss. He can't survive."The granddaughter fell onto her Papa, sobbing uncontrollably."No! It can't be like this! You must have a way!"The physician was accustomed to this type of conduct. With a sorry shake of his head, he hurried on to the next patient.The granddaughter called out to the throng while raising her head in desperation."Preserve him! Is there anyone who can help my grandfather?""Whoever can save my father, I'll give them half of the B
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No Respect
Henry received a red square box from the policeman after he had explained the circumstances."Ms. Sophia Benjamin asked me to pass this to you. She said it's a small gift from her."Henry accepted the red box without protest.There was no reason for him to turn down Sophia Benjamin's gift—he had just saved her grandfather.After this encounter, Emily changed her mind and went back to the car. Originally, she had planned to bring Henry over to make some purchases.Henry was forced to leave the accident scene and get into his automobile.Emily wanted to tell Henry how sorry she was for what had happened just now in the car.But up until now, she had always taken the lead in their relationship.She found it incomprehensible that she now needed to apologize to Henry.Consequently, her final words were a rebuke, even though she truly wanted to apologize to Henry."The next time you encounter such a situation, don't make a move so casually. If you make a mistake today and cause an even grea
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Unexpected gift
As Lucas and his thugs prepared to leave, thinking they had avenged themselves, Suddenly, Men dressed in black emerged from another corridor, blocking their exit. Lucas, surprised, demanded, "Who the hell are you?"One of the mysterious figures coldly replied, "Just consider us the consequence you didn't anticipate."Before Lucas could react, the men swiftly overpowered him and his gang. Fists flew, and in a matter of moments, Lucas and his thugs found themselves beaten and tied up. The leader of the group stepped forward, observing the thug who laid sprawled on the floor groaning in pain.Lucas, struggling to speak, managed to utter, "Who sent you?"The leader smirked, "Let's just say it's someone who's had enough of your little games."As Lucas and his gang groaned in pain, Sophia Benjamin stepped out from a hidden corner, with a determined look on her face. She had been silently observing the incident, and now she had decided to intervene.With a composed tone, Sophia said, "I sug
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The Exhibit
The Miller family's much-anticipated art exhibition had finally arrived, transforming the Skyler Hotel into a beautiful showcase of creativity. The walls of the hotel were decorated with various types of paintings, sculptures, and other artistic expressions from each family member. The day has finally arrived, and most members of the millers family were excited and nervous. The Skyler Hotel's expansive hall was filled with various artworks, setting the stage for the Miller family's exhibition. Each member had carefully prepared their pieces, hoping to captivate the audience with their unique art.The guests, some who were art enthusiasts and curious onlookers, began to trickle in, amazed by the diverse collection on display.Emily's sister, Vanessa, and her husband, Robert, took their positions beside their artworks with an air of proudness. They spoke loudly, comparing their art with the rest of the family.Vanessa dramatically pointed toward her painting, "Robert, darling, tell
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As the laughter and various discussion was ongoing in the exhibition all by all who had gathered, , a mysterious figure dressed in pure white entered the venue. The air shifted as the mysterious man began to stroll through the gallery, carefully examining each piece with an intensity that caught everyone's attention.Henry, still explaining his art, sighted what the man was doing and whispered to Emily, "Looks like we got ourselves an art police who just arrived out of the blue. We better brace ourselves."The mysterious man, with an air of authority, approached each piece, offering thoughtful critiques. His evaluations ranged from poetic praises to witty observations, adding a touch of sophistication to the evening.When he reached Vanessa and Robert's art, the couple put on their best charm offensive, ready to win over the mysterious art critic. Vanessa, with a coquettish smile, said, "Oh, we were hoping someone with a discerning eye would appreciate the beautiful essence of our w
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