Elder Brother Fuss


"These humans..." Tade shakes his head, a lazy disgusted smile on it as he tugs the edges of his blue blazer.

He carefully picks his way through the throng of dancing couples and singles, both parties showing silly, interesting and of course very sexual dance moves. They are a couple of them sharing deep sensual kisses while some even go as far as groping for their partners privates, using the mesh of party crazed bodies as a cover.

Tade ignores them all, a bemused expression on as he looks left and right and then to the DJ whose two hands are thrown into the air. 

As for the MC, the stage is devoid of him but they are some other people who are dressed in somewhat professional clothes of wine shirts and blue trousers and skirts taking note of whatever it was they were as they milled about the stage around the banquet table.

Soon, Tade loses interests and picks his way to the nearest exit to him. He sighs in relief, inhaling the fresh lake air that remind him of what had brought him out here.

"The girls..." He mutters too himself. 

"Excuse me?" A voice calls to him from behind. "You're in the way." 

With a slight frown, Tade realises he is lodged at one of the many exit glass doors that are stationed about the perimeter forming a sort of wall of glass.

Although, some glass doors appear to be shut tightly, thus reverting to it's original function of a wall. 


"Excuse me, Mister." A belch fumes into Tade's face as he turns to see the caller.

It is a youth with sharp low cut and curves around his forehead, a smug look on as he romances a bottle of alcohol to his chest, rumpling his milk white shirt that is atop his neatly starched black trousers and suspenders.

"Oh. Sorry!" Tade scrunches his face, shifting sideways to allow passage.

"Hehe." The youth chuckles, wagging a finger at him.

"You do realise you're drunk?"

"Me? Come on, No!" The youth points a finger to himself with wide eyes.

"Really? There's so much fluid in your system and 80% of that fluid is alcohol. "

"See who's calling me drunk! yeah yeah... like you can see the alcohol in my system." The Mister staggered away, almost missing a step.

"Wait... Where's the ladies restroom?" Tade asks,causing the drunk youth to pause in his staggered walking style.

The youth turn slowly, teeth shining as his eyes beam.

"You got a girl you wanna screw? I got aphrodisiac to make her all over you, you know? it's 300k for one."

"Shut Up! Where is it?" Tade exploded, his face tightened in grimacing rage as he power walks to the youth an grips him by the collar.

"Where?" Tade breathes into his face making the youth shudder, before pointing towards the opposite direction. 

"Chill off, dude. Don't go horny on me!" 


 A vibration echoes into the air from Tade's breast pocket of his blazer that stops everything. Fuming, Tade slams the youth against a pillar before pulling out the sleek black phone out with a growl.

It is a video call, and the caller is no other person but a bearded man who appears to be the older version of Tade.

"What do you want, Enas?" He growls, earning a chuckle from the caller.

"Is that any way to greet your elder brother, Tade?" Enas chuckles heartily, scratching at his full beard.

"I will consider my greeting of you when you learn not to stick your nose in my domain." Take replies with contempt.

"Your domain? Look, if it's about the water incident, forget it. The water is not..." Tade mute the video call just as the youth coughs to gain attention.

"You and your caller, very strange. weirdos!" He says, tipping the end of the bottle as he gulps before belching. 

"Not my prob. but just in case you need the aphrodisiac come around here, okay?"  He winks at Tade who snorts in return , walking away.

"Well... Screw..." The Mister makes an exaggerated expression of  his right had with his middle fingers get stabbing the air furiously. "Screw that girl hard. or call me and my guys to help you do that!"

Tade stops and takes a backward glance. "Speaking of screwing... What's the number?" He asks coldly.

Seeing this, the Mister gleefully rubs his nose with his right and takes another long gulp.

"The number is 0128635. I'll be waiting."

"So who are you planning on screwing, Tade?" Enas sad just as Tade's unmutes the video call as he makes to the restroom.

"None of your business! Buzz off!"

"Tade, don't you ever learn? You'd be home now if not for stupidly engaging yourself in the matters of humans. And now again, you are planning on screwing a human too?" Enas asked with a stern glance.

"I should have mute the microphone too. You are knowing too much for my irritation and if it keeps on like this... just leave me alone, okay?" 

"Really? What would you do if I don't? You're my brother after all  and I missed you, that's why I came."

"I never asked for you to come. This is my expulsion I'm suffering, not yours!" Tade whisper yells.

"I know." Enas says smiling. "But you're my younger brother who's going to get himself killed over humans. So, I'll always stick to you like bees to honey."

"Buzz Off!"

Enas laughed, his camera angle adjusting itself. "You should be happy I'm not trailing you at the moment."

"Well, this is as much as that!" 

"Atleast," Enas feigned shock. "I didn't pop up beside you toruin your game, you know?"

"You think I'm playing a game?" Tade's face darkens more.

"Of course. If not, why would you stop me from dealing with those girls who were desecrating the lake? You know how water is sacred to us... It's our home, Tade. Yet you protected that girl from me, not once. Not Twice." Enas says, counting with his fingers.

"Yeah?" Tade replies, disgusted. "You're saying that like I held your hands and pulled you back!"

"Didn't you?" The video call begins to get tense as both misters are puffed and furiously breathing.

"Haha!" Tade rolls  his eyes into his surroundings. As at now, he had gotten to the end of the hall. "If you really meant to deal with the girls, then you wouldn't have run away with that pouch like the self centered bastard you are!" Tade explodes.

"What?" Enas begins to point at the camera with each word he says. "You... YOU stole that pouch from me and held me to random. And you know how important that pouch is to me... That's why you used it as a bargaining chip to let those girls go. Those abominable creatures." Enas' dark face begins to take a hue of red as he breathes furiously.

"Of course, I did. This is my domain... And if you hadn't interfered and stayed back where you kept licking the feet of mum and dad, I wouldn't have had need to steal the pouch!"

"I see." Enas leans back from the camera while Tade is still hunched over the phone. "So, all of this is just because I came around to check on how you're faring?"

Tade simply keeps mute, pinching the edge of his nostrils with his left hand, exhaling.

"So, because I had to come so that I could vouch for you back at home that you've changed and for the exile to be called off, that's why you are now fuming at me, eh?" Enas smirks as a wave crashes down behind him under the cold night sky.

"Well, sorry to buzz you... But if you really continue like this, I'm afraid I'll have to report you. And you know what comes next then?"

"What? Call me outcast? You all threw me out like a worthless piece of shit, you think I'll be bothered by whatever you do next?" Tade raises an eyebrow as two ladies in evening gowns and light makeup hurry past him.

Enas chuckled, rubbing his face with one hand. "Tade, there is a thin line between confidence and impudence. And you, brother, you're at the edge of that very line."

Enas leans closer to the camera till all that is on Tade's screen is merely the face of his elder brother.

"I don't want to lose you, Tade. But if you force mum and Dad's hand, you will be killed like a worthless piece of shit, pulverised by thugs who will hang your rotten body parts to dry like salted fish." Enas says coldly and begins withdrawing from the camera.

"A word is enough for the wise. And I believe you are wise. The soon you keep playing with humans, the better for you. The spiritual and the physical are never ever meant to meet!" 

Enas adds, disconnecting the video call, but however, his brother had not being listening.

Ever since the ladies had walked past, his ears had pricked open, filtering in on their conversation. 

And from the looks of it, they appeared to be speaking of a certain Deola who was drugged.

His Deola!

Tade smiled. Since when had that girl become his?

"I still cannot believe we couldn't see Deola the bitch. Think a guy could have bailed her out?" The lady with puppy deep seated eyes asks her companion with phonetics.

"Simi,I'm out of ideas right now. Let's see the others." The other replied as she pushes the restroom door to gain entrance.

Seeing this, Tade stops his stalking and leans against the wall of the restroom as the smell of disinfectant mixes with the cold biting airs that is complimented with a few bat calls, here and there.

Leaning against the wall, Tade remains perfectly still enough to be mistaken as a statue as he listens to the conversation in the restroom.

He hears the feminine voices of schemers in the restroom, asking each other of the where about of.

Schemers who did not seem satisfied with the fact that they had ruined Deola's prom already.


"And... and that could also mean that she had pooped herself and we just need to locate her to find where the fuck she is and take snapshots of her. Mehn! Deola will be ruined forever!" 

No... They wanted to humiliate her.

And for the first time since he stood still, Tade raises a palm to his chest and clenches so hard that his fingers pale and lose color.

By human standards, he should not be able to listen well enough except if the persons were in a shouting match because the walls are very thick.

But, Tade is not human. 

He is more.

"Ohmagod!Emergency shit. Make way" A mock hurried voice resounds and laughter follows it from the restroom just as Tade's nose twitches.

"You're are not satisfied with what you've done. Now you are mocking her. I've had enough of this! Evil humans like you all should never be in existence. At least, not on Deola's case." Tade fumes as his muscles go taut and milky green light beings to illuminate his eyes.

"And for that, I swear by me! I will be your Karma." Tade exclaims just as his left palm rises up in supplication. 

"Every fluid in your body will reject you." He says just as the people in the ladies restroom begin to complain of stomach unrest, wondering if they had mistaken swallowed the drug.

"But when you go for respite, the toilets will refuse you! Aaaahh!" Tade forcefully exhales just as he jerks his fisted hand now, impulsively downwards.

Instanteously, sreams and shrieks erupt, disturbing the serenity of the night from the restrooms walks Tade walks away, a menacing smile on his face,back, towards the hall.

And as he walks away, he does not hear the weakly, lament of a feminine voice to her friends saying...

"Girls, I think Karma just caught up with us. Ahhh..." 

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