Mysterious but Helpful

The fairskinned Mister donning blue blazers walked away, with furrowed eyebrows across the length of the assembly hall. Behind him, not so far away is the female restroom which has the a little signpost with a silhouette image of a female on it, positioned on the steel push or pull door. 

Tade walks briskly however, having in mind that he had come to pick something, the girls being just a side attraction he could not afford to have ignored.

"But to think of it... The nerves those girls had to be joking about the evil they did." He muttered angrily to himself, transversing the length of the assembly hall once again.

And this time, the music is not so loud as it is as the dancing is over and the attendees are all milling about. Seeing this, Tade sighs, assuming that the Prom Event was concluded already as he sees the contented and naughty looks on the attendees.

"Excuse me!" Tade says, patting a petite Lady who had just exited the hall in company of two other females, all in evening gowns.

The ladies chatter excitedly as their circle part, allowing Tade passage. And as he does, he sees the drunk mister seating on an air conditioner while he drowns a bottle in the midst of two other males who looked worse for wear with bloodshot eyes as they smoked.

The Mister sees him and drunkenly waves his bottle in greeting but Tade does not acknowledge him. Because at the moment, his mind is heavy with dark thoughts.

Thoughts of what to do to the culprit of his girl's predicament. 

To think that a certain Grace would go all length to ruin Deola's Prom. And from what he heard, Prom came only but once, and for Deola, hers was ruined.

Soon enough, he is free of the mesh of excited youths and picks his away amidst the improperly parked vehicles that litter the shore. He sighs, clenching his fists as he inhales the lake airs again in the less congested space with less noise as well.

"Focus, Tade. It's not like she's gone far already. I will come back for her, I swear."

He continues walking and soon comes to reach of his Nissan Micra. Except this time, the IVM Fox is parked beside his vehicle as it was before he rearranged it. He takes a brisk look about. Satisfied that no one was within reach, Tade snaps his fingers and hazy airs begin to condense around him, blurring him from view.

The fog thickens and then thins out almost immediately revealing Tade in white shirt which is unbuttoned over his chest, neatly starched blue trousers and black leather Pam, his previous attire no where to be found. 

He walks to the back of the car, overlooking the electric fence and taps the boot which opens, allowing him bend over to fiddle with some items.

Soon enough, he exits the boot, holding on to a silver carjack as he shuts the boot before picking his way through the cars.

Meanwhile, in the black IVM Fox, Nathaniel is startled, blinking his eyes as he stares at the leaving figure of Tade. A while ago, he had been sleeping. 

He had come earlier to pack his car properly as the vehicle beside him now, it's owner was complaining. He had promptly vanished from the hall, fixed it and decided to stay in the car just to avoid Grace by all means possible. 

A little dozing and a sudden chill awoke him, to witness the condensation of fog on the mister who was dressed in the way he last saw him. 

In blue blazers, blue bowtie on a white shirt, gold wristwatch, blue trousers and leather black shoes.

But just as soon as the fog mysteriously vanished, the mister was clothed differently. 

Nathaniel licks his lower lip, lubricating it as he pondered over the mystery while his hands rested on the steering. 

"Maybe I'm dreaming?" He says to himself, swallowing.

"But... Ouch!" Nathaniel groaned just as he pinched his left cheek. "I'm awake na. How possible is this for heavens sake?"

He ponders still, rubbing his afflicted cheek to alleviate the sting.

"Or could it be that story is true? The story that a water spirit always comes to join in whatever festivity went on in the school... eh! God!" Nathaniel frowns at the thought, dread slowly descending on him.

He hadn't always believed the story. It was a myth, he had called it because it didn't just make any sense to him.

How could spirits exist? And if they did, why would they bother to disturb themselves over the festivity of humans?

But as much as he tries to dissuade his mind, the feeling becomes so real to him.

"Nah. Maybe I woke up into a dream so I will just sleep back and wake up to real life." He says, firmly dismissing the thought from his mind, his head bowing to meet his hands on the steering.

And while Nathaniel deals with that, an entirely different scene plays out at the convertible. 

The doors of the convertible are shut as the occupants quieten inside the vehicle. Deola's head lolls to hang on her right shoulder and Tunrayo does same too, except she faces Deola, watching the slow heaving of her friend's chest.

"Wake up, Dee." Tunrayo nudges at Deola's arm with both hands. 

"Mmmmrggh... What?" Deola grumbles.

"Wake up jor! If you sleep too much in this position, you might have an ache."

To this, Deola sighs, seating up as she scratches her plaits. "Where is this guy?" She asks Tunrayo.

"Are you missing him already?" Tunrayo replies with a wry smile pasted on her face.

"Come on!" Deola rolls her eyes. "Seriously? That pervert? The only reason I'm asking is..." 

"is what?" tunrayo asks with a raised eyebrow.



"Ah! I mean, he's here already!"

"Who is here?" Tunrayo turns, following the eyes of her friend to glance straight ahead through the window beside her.


A masculine body leans on the convertible at Tunrayo's passenger window. It is Tade and as usual, he has the lazy smile affixed to his face.

"Hey, ladies, how's it going?" He asks, dropping his head to press against the window glass. 

Tunrayo opens her mouth to talk while Deola wears a frown immediately. 


"Hey... Deola. How do you feel?" Tade interrupts Tunrayo as he opens the door.

Tunrayo tries to speak again but Tade simply leans into the car, over her thighs as he reaches for Deola's face.


Deola slaps his hand but Tade tries again only to get slapped away and again and again till Tunrayo behind giggling as she watches the slapping event.

 "Deola, calm down... I just want to know if you have any fever!" Tade says exasperatedly.

"Yeah, seriously, I'm good." Tade raises an eyebrow at her words. "Oh, you think I'd let you touch me so that you can grope my boobs like last time?" She fumes.

"Your boobs?" Tade feigns surprise. "Why would I want to touch your boobs? But, now that I think of it... It's certainly not a bad idea if I grope now. I mean, what's stopping me right now?" Tade says with a smug look.


Deola's flat lodges at the front of his face, enclosing his eyes, nose and mouth in a stinging slap.

"Pfftt... Hehe... Wait you guys, shift first, let me come down before you continue your love play." Tunrayo doubles in laughter, pushing off Tade who has a mock sad look, out of the car and from over her.

"This is what I get for being caring right? Please just come down. I need to jack the vehicle." Tade says, tapping at the roof of the car.

The ladies oblige, exiting the car at opposite ends. Deola however, jogs over to join them just as Tunrayo takes the spare tyre out of the boot.

"So... What next after Prom?" Tade asks as he wounds the jack, raising the car up steadily.

"Well... University. Probably get a part time job so my parents don't fuss over me for damaging their convertible. Uurgh!" Tunrayo replies with hands on waist as she rolls her eyes.

"But wait... how do you get into university exactly?"

"Well. You could either take a predegree course or seat for the JAMB exam. For me, I'll take Jamb 'cause it's easier than seating nine months to write your predegree exam."

"Hmm!" Tade sighs, unscrewing the tyre lock in nuts.

"What about you, Predegree or Jamb? Deola!"He pulls off the deflated tyre and wounds the spare into position.

"Dee... He's talking to you." Tunrayo says to her left side, hugging her friend's waist.

In response, she snorts away, causing Tade to stop and look back at her.

"Deola, are we fighting?" He asks tentatively.

But it as much as Deola can take as she steams over the top, flinging a pointer finger at Tade.

"Don't you dare ask me that question? Do I look like I'm happy with you touching me at every point in time? I feel harassed!"

"Okayyyyy ??" Tade rises slot to face her, hands lodging at his hip.

"And you're saying okay?" Deola retorts.


"Just shut up there and do what you're meant to do and let me get the heck out of here!"

"Whoa! Dee... He's only doing us a favor?" Tunrayo interjects hugging the furiously shaking friend as Tade fixes the tyres wordlessly.

In short time, he rose, having completed the fixing and slides his phone to Tunrayo who nods and punches her number.

"You girls better head home now."

He takes the phone and leaves, leaving the girls all by themselves.

"You've made mister Poisedon really mad, Dee."

"I can't believe this! You care more for him than for me?" Deola rants, throwing off Tunrayo hands.

"Look, I know how you feel. And trust me, I'll feel the same way too." Tunrayo says over the car roof as Deola marched to the other side.

"But he saved you, not once, not twice. If not for him,you'd have made headline already."

"I know..." Deola sighs. "But I don't even know him and he's all touchy on me. It's weird and I'm not comfortable with it." She says, entering the car while Tunrayo follows suit.

"Well, maybe he's just touchy. He feels weird, mysterious but also very helpful. Either he's just a touchy person by default or he's head over heels for you, Dee." Tunrayo mutters thoughtfully as she begins revving the engine.

"By the way, how was the poisedon's Kiss by the lake?" Tunrayo asks as the car rolls out.

"Gee... why'd you ask me a disgusting question as that?" Deola frowns.

"Cos I'm your friend?" Tunrayo giggles.

"Well, I had a couple of kisses. which is really disgust..."

"Wait, what couple of kisses? You only had one?" 

"What's Poisedon kiss? Isn't it when you poo and the water splashes back at you?"

"No... Dee... Why would you refer to poo... You're so disgusting..  Eew!  I meant Poisedon's kiss... When Tade kissed you on the ground."

"Oh, Good Lord! When you would stop calling him Poisedon?" Deola facepalmed. "Besides, I don't recall kissing that pervert!"

"Oh really!" 


Tunrayo halts the car as she pulls her phone from the pigeon hole compartment. 

"I took a cute snap of you guys kissing you know?"

"What? Why would you do that? I only remember a brief touch of his lips..."

"Oh, so you remember you kissed him?" Tunrayo says excitedly as she points at Deola.

"I didn't! He did!"

"Calm down...calm down... I'll show you the picture here."

Tunrayo clicks the power button of her smartphone but it doesn't budge. "Its dead!"

"Let's go just home, please "

Meanwhile as the convertible resumes coursing across the lake shore amidst the various cars littered about, a watery head and torso take shape on the lake, in wards.

"I wonder if my brother will behave if I have to kill the girl distorting his senses." 

"You wouldn't dare!" A cold voice calls out, another watery human like body stretches into the open and crashes into the former.

However, to the on looker, it is all but a seemingly toss of waves about the lake as the two watery figures seem to be fighting one another.

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