It has been some hours, a day approximately, since the encounter on the muddy banks. Today, the air smells different, with the scent of water coupled with the sweet harmonies of chirping birds while the sun sets in the distance, sinking down into the depths of the lake.

Two people stand a little after the whitewashed picket fence, staring down at the beautiful setting of the orange spotted sky, their hearts pounding in the excitement of being close to the one who meant so much to them.

Tade, wearing a yellow vintage shirt with patterns of a palm tree, has his hands in his slim fit black trousers and a broad, satisfied smile on his face.

By his side, his 'girl', the quiet, reserved but sweet lady, Deola stands, her palms hugging each other infront of her while her body is clothed with a floral orange gown, red slides on her feet. Her face has a pasted satisfied smile as well as she gazes on ahead.

After some more minutes of silence, she turns to look at Ta

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