Sentenced For Love

Her worry is not far fetched however, for by the side of them, at the far side of Debi's left is the Water Spirit King, Arinle, eyebrows knitted fiercely while his eyes flash with light in sync with the blistering aura emanating from his body.

"What… is… this… madness?" He balls his fists, his eyes bulging while muscles contract visibly all over him.

Arinle, like before, is adorned in a silver scaled sleeveless top that perfectly packs in all the muscularity that he has. On his waist is a golden shining belt with a single tower-like tip, large enough that it covers half of his stomach before getting ended at his waist, from which the blue scaled trousers runs down. 

On his face is a large wreath of luxurious black beard, from his jaws down to the uppermost of his chest. He has bushy eyebrows as well, glittering eyes that tell of madness unspeakable, his whole form shivering with condensed furious rage.


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