"He's Hot!" Deola whispers.

"I know. Is he here for Prom or what?" Tunrayo whispers.

"Uhm... I'm right in front of you guys, so you don't have to whisper." The young man replies, flashing beautiful dentition in an amused grin.

The memories tumble by Tade's fading mind as he sinks down and down.

It is proven, scientifically, that the brain is the last part of the body to die.

So, a person may have his senses numbed but the brain activity will still go on, until, at last, the brain succumbs, having no support from the other organs of the body, into death.

And in most cases, this is often being the case of people reviving from near death experience so far a strong catalyst is involved in reawakening the entire body organs.

This is why, drowned victims with cold numbed bodies can still have themselves awakened, even many minutes after their drowning.

It is the same reason why doctors induce coman using anaesthesia into patients who

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