Memories II

She is one in a million, to him.

Her Innocence, coupled with the seething anger outbursts she had periodically all in one homogenous mixture with her compassion and willingness to sacrifice herself for others…


Tade's body stirs as it sinks further down, his muscles twitching for a brief second. Water waves ripple away from him and the , the entire waterscape goes silent and motionless as the sight of the bottom of the water body comes into view.

But, Trade can neither see nor feel any of these. Rather, his mind is else where, locked up in the cascading memories his mind plays out by and by.

And just then, a new memory floats by his mindscape once more. It is the memory of the time when Deola did run away from him, in fright.

"Ahh.. So cold!" Deola, in the black leggings and white tank top grumbles and unconsciously takes a step back away from the lake, without looking back as she, hugs herself tig

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