Pre-Party Preparations

Sunlight filters from the window, with its curtain parted to the side. Adjacent the window is yet, another window in similar fashion as the day is very hot. This is due to the factor of the new coming season of harmattan in Nigeria, which is a time of hot weather but yet cold and foggy mornings  and afternoons.

But to alleviate thew situation, to power holding company is absent in its duties as there is no power in the room. The tablw on which the piece of pressing iron still contains neatly stacked books, an orange, foldable reading lamp, a bottle opener, pens and a stack of paper cards littered on it. Also, there is a white ceramic plate tray which contains hot aromatizing chin-chin from which a hand picks a couple of them, straight into a waiting mouth.

It is Deola and she leans against the table, her butt to the rim as her mouth crunches on the chin-chin. She wears a purple s

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