Registration Gone Wrong

The day is hot and windy, occasionally wisps of dust clouds twirling up and down as vehicles zoomed past on the dual carriageways. Scanty clouds make the heat in full intensity upon the people which is because of the current season in Nigeria. The carriage way is accentuated by bumps and the occasional potholes filled with little puddles of water that splash each time a vehicle accidentally swerves into them.

Although there is here road cones at the service lane where a few civil engineers and labourers, members of the Federal Road Management Agency(FERMA) with a heap of granite, a few shovels and wheelbarrows and a heavy duty sand truck on the standby with its engines still revved.

They work, making technical decisions as is common with their occupation in determining the costs of the road repairs, totally oblivious to the black convertible that zooms past them as they are currently

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