The Schemers

"You know what? When you're done, get the fuck out of the house." Deola replies coldly as she opens the door to leave.

Seeing her leave, Nathaniel sighs heavily, putting his dragon within the confines of his clothings. Slowly, he buttons his shirt but his mind is not with him.

Absent minded is Nathaniel as he drops his weight on the bed unable to put a lid on what happened earlier with Deola.

And to even think that she'd use the f word on him. Either he had started seeing illusions or Deola was slowly changing.

Into someone he could not any more understand.

At least, the Deola he knew back then was this docile, innocent girl who always looked to everyone's wellbeing no matter what. 

Not that he currently refutes it, but the glare and the anger with which she had reacted to him was startling.

'Is this because of the Tade guy?'He asks himself mentally.

'But she sounded so sure that she never mentioned a Tade.' Nathaniel trie

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