Wait, till someone did stand up. And while he is at that, Tade leans back on the plastic chair, he'd think about the only girl that really matters to him.

Deola Aderigbe.

"Please, Dee… Come back to me!"

 He rubs the back of his neck as he shuts his eyes from the physical happenings around him, bringing his thoughts to focus on just only one girl.

The girl who had made him smile these few times.

And by the gods, Tade smiles, it did feel like he had met her since an entire century. Whereas, it only had been less than three weeks that he did stumble into them.

'That Girl… hm!' Tade puts both elbows of his hands on the table, crossing the fingers into each other to form a sort of pad for the chin of his seemingly pleasant face.

'Gods… What am I doing? This is crazy. Sitting for an exam for a human girl?

Geez… If they heard back at Atlantis, I'd be done for.' Tade snorts out in amusement, his eyes ti

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