Truth Revealed

Six feet ram across the granite sprinkled shore, darting with intense energy in a desire to gain speed as such is the urgency of the situation.

Their feet rhyme in a pitter patter of footsteps that breaks through the silence of the croaking frogs and chirping crickets, bringing upon all a sense of utmost commitment.

And as result, the entire night is silent at Lake View College, each creature around, unconsciously observing moments of silence till the rhythm of footsteps move past.

"This way…" The guard in the brown long sleeve vest and black shorts says,pointing towards the hall, his hairy exposed legs straining against the wind.

Following him, as his arms bear the buck of the girl as he turns a sharp corner, racing just beside the other side of the Hall, is Josh, who half drags and half holds the weeping but silent Tunrayo behind him. And because of that, he lags behind greatly.

Their company runs along, taking short cuts as directed by th

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