“Dee… Dee.. DEOLAAAAAAA…. DEOLLAAAAAA….” Tunrayo screamed, her eyes misting while her body trembles visibly in horror of what might have happened to her best friend.

She dials the number once more but the call line is dead, the thought of it sparking a hundred and one horrifying thoughts in her head.

Panicking, she gives out short breaths, places the phone in the pigeon hole again and kicks the ignition of the car, reversing, on her way to get to Deola because it is all her fault.

“If I didn’t act that way in the registration centre, none of this would have happened. It’s all my fault, God… Please….” Tunrayo sniffs, tears running freely from her face.  

As she does, she picks her phone out and places her thumb of the right hand still, on the home button of the smartphone.

The phone sends a burst of light within the screen and a

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