Water Remembers
“What does dad and mum say, Jaeger?” Enas says coming to the seating room with a small ceramic tray of munchies. He settles down on one sofa while pushes a stool into position after which he rests his legs on them, outstretched and crossed.

He has a change of clothes now, sporting a green vintage shirt, unbuttoned which reveals his bulk upper torso which is laced with many hairs especially at the chest while he has a deep green shorts with baggy pockets on the side with white flip flops which he leaves at the foot of the sofa.

Jaeger turns away from the rectangular inscribed screen towards Enas, partially and sighs just as the glass returns its to is original state.

“I did tell how you all fare and the nature of things.”

“Nature of things eh?” Enas asks, lobbying the brown crusted munchies into his open mouth like one would do to in basketball.

“Yes…” Jaeger sighs, taking the silver pendant and replacing it into his inner breast pocket. “ I informed them about the girl and they were
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