Watery Vengeance

At Present!

Tade’s feet heavily march across the white tiled floor as he moves to room 045. With a scrunched face, his fingers rap on the door.

“Room Service!” He says, desperately trying to hold back the rage from his voice.

However, the occupants of the room currently do not enjoy this type of disturbance as a gruff, annoyed voice barks. “What the fuck? Room Service, who called you, Get Lost!”

It is the dreaded haired guy who currently rams his fingers into Deola’s vagina, sending the jerking girl spasms of waves upon waves of multiple orgasms. He licks his right fingers hungrily, sucking up the juices of the crying moaning girl before him, his expression that of a crazed beast.

As he does, there is Farouk, straddling her upon the chest as he continues boob

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