Would a good guy...?

Seeing that, even the hesitant family rush in, opening the door as Tunrayo begins to drive even as they rush in, Deola being hoisted in first.

And then, with a loud screech, Tunrayo's convertible tyres paint black on the asphalt as the zooms off and away.

 "So, somebody tell me, what is going on?" Tolani, the mother of Deola asks in a fast rising tempo.

They are huddled into the backseat, Richard at the seat behind Tade while Tolani is behind Tunrayo, this, putting Deola right at the center of them all.

For a brief moment, the entire car is silent, each person trying to process that which has happened.

Tade's mind is agog with responsibility towards all the people in the car as he understands that because of him, they all would be targeted.

He cannot bring himself to say that this might have turned out well, being that, Tunrayo had popped up right on time. No, he rather would not.

Instead, he blames himself for being so clumsy. F

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