The Saviours

The humanoid croaks, walking on to where its target would be. And as it gets there, just outside the window, it raises the bow to eye level, putting his fingers to the non-existent bowstring. 

Then, a line of white shimmering energy appears which the humanoid plucks as far back. Another energy strand appears, forming an arrowhead of thin energy strand at the bow, ending into a feathered bottom that is now held by the humanoid on the plucked string.

And then, Tade’s strained physique blurs into the view, at the open driveway. He stops, his mouth aghast at the sight that greets him, unable to bring himself to do anything. 

Indeed, he cannot do anything because at the very moment, the arrow made of the milky white energy is only seconds from being fired by the assassin. 

His breathing doubles as time slows, panic filling him because it shows that all his efforts are all but nought. After all, the scenario he had been striving to avoid is

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