All For Love


Blood trickles down from her head as her body continues to propel out. Overcome by numbness, Tade stretched out, his hand clutching her leg and holding her back just as the convertible stance shifts again, the somersault in progress.

And then, a sploshing sound as the car plunges down, deep down into water.

"Water?" Tade groans, umconfused as to when there was ever a water body here…

Of course, he'd sensed one but the waters would not be so clear for those pure water spirits to use.

Murky and stangant water bodies are the standard no-no for his people which is why he had not considered this to be of any importance.

A mistake he is come to realize now.

Tade huffs, ripping out the seatbelt that restrained him to the seat. He made to go for Tunrayo who is somewhat struggling, albeit, less than the others in the backseat, her head on the steering facing him.

There is a cut on the forehead and her eyes loo

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