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"We are entering a different world, a world where our marriage no longer fits. How do you want people to see me, having an Ex-Convict by my side? Oh no! Just take this check and get the fuck out of my sight. Your presence irritates me," Niçholas Loughty served jail time for his wife, where he encountered a mysterious old man. The man, recognizing Niçholas potential, imparted medical knowledge and martial arts skills, and appointed him as his sole heir. After three years, Niçholas now inheriting the world's largest company, sought to return to his wife, but was met with divorce papers instead. His wife, now a renowned CEO, feared that Niçholas reputation would tarnish her own success.

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  • Blella


    A really enjoyable story.

    2024-02-07 16:51:12
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    2024-03-15 09:27:55
  • MacPherson Peters


    I am enjoying the flow of the book. Almost perfect! I need more chapters of this

    2024-01-04 23:31:44
  • Enchanting Phayvou


    This book is really blowing my mind.Keep it up

    2024-01-03 07:55:18
  • De Goodwriter


    I love your consistency ...️ keep it up

    2023-12-28 19:37:14
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153 chapters
Candace wept, her tears flowing unchecked as she sat on the edge of their bed, her heart heavy with regret. In the dimly lit room, the weight of her mistake pressed upon her, threatening to crush her spirit completely. Niçholas , her husband, knelt before her, his eyes filled with concern, he was finding it hard to get the grasp of reality but he knew the deed has been done and there seemed to be nothing they could do about it. Gently, he reached out and wiped away her tears, his touch a comfort against her troubled soul. "Of course Candy, I believe you." "I'm so sorry, Niçholas ," Candace whispered through choked sobs, her voice quivering with emotion. "I never meant for any of this to happen. Please, don't let them take me. I don't wanna go to prison, Niçholas ." Niçholas 's voice was tender as he spoke, his gaze unwavering. "Babe, we all make mistakes. What matters is how we deal with them. I have decided on what to do, I will take all the guilt upon myself if it means sparin
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"Oh, c'mon, you twat! Cut the trap, not this again!" Candace sat in silence, her gaze fixed on Niçholas , desperately mustering the courage to speak some words into his being. She knew the situation was incredibly messed up and Niçholas 's stubbornness was only making it worse, but she believed she could find a way to fix things. Isolde glanced at Candace and signalled her to go ahead with whatever she was going to say. She sat up gently and cleared her throat before speaking, "Darling, everything comes with a price. Just name the amount you want, and it will all be yours," she said calmly, her fingers gently rubbing her temples. Seeing Niçholas 's ugly face, tattered cloth and unkempt hair was almost making her puke, but she didn't show it. "Shut the hell up!" Niçholas thumped the table hard, his voice tinged with anger. But he didn't want to make a scene in the crowded cafeteria. All eyes were beginning to turn their way. "Mr. Loughty, control yourself. This is Ms. Everdeen we're
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Bowing gracefully, she softly called out, "Boss!" Her voice barely above a whisper, yet filled with sincere admiration. But Niçholas , lost in his own thoughts, remained almost oblivious to her presence. His mind was still reeling from the weight of the divorce papers he had just signed, his heart heavy with the burdens of a shattered love. Raising his head, he waved his hand dismissively, and the girl, understanding his command, left with a hint of disappointment in her eyes, leaving Niçholas to his thoughts. Niçholas had thought he would be able to tell Candence about what happened with him during his stay in the jail after meeting with her in the cafeteria, not knowing that he would be welcomed with divorce papers. He wanted to tell her about his newfound wealth and knowledge, thinking everything would change today and he would introduce his group to her, but everything was just messed up and Niçholas didn't know where to pick up from. During his time in the prison, Niçholas
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"Who dares to talk like that to my fiancé?" Her voice echoed through the room, halting the chaos for a fleeting moment. Niçholas and Archie were both dumbfounded, their confusion etched on their faces as they tried to comprehend the situation unfolding before them. Niçholas 's attention shifted from Archie to the mysterious stranger who had interceded. This woman exuded a captivating allure that left Niçholas struck with admiration. While Niçholas had always considered Candace to be the epitome of beauty, encountering this lady made him realize that there was no comparison. Candace may have possessed alluring curves and flawless skin, but the woman standing before him appeared untouched by earthly elements. Her ethereal appearance exuded an air of celestial elegance. Archie, on the other hand, found himself frozen in shock. He had no clue who this lady was or what was happening right in front of him. His mouth hung open wide as he fixated his gaze upon her, unable to tear his
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Archie's face flushed with anger, stormed out of the cafeteria, his footsteps echoing in the hallway. He was seething in anger, determined not to let the humiliation go easily. But as he glanced over his shoulder, his eyes met the gaze of the men in black who had thrown him out. Their stares were filled with an unsettling wrath that sent a shiver down his spine. He knew that if these men pound on him, he would not survive it. "I will not let this go," Archie yelled on top of his voice, "Listen to me very attentively Niçholas , I will make sure you go back to that jail. I will tell my sister what you did to me, she will never forgive you. I will make sure you come back to my feet and beg me to forgive you," "Beat it!" One of the men in black ordered with very bold, menacing voice. Fear gripped his heart, and without another thought, Archie turned on his heel and bolted away. Niçholas , bewildered and confused, cautiously took a seat in the chair Archie had vacated, l
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The moment the men in black witnessed India collapse into Niçholas's embrace, they lunged forward with urgency. "What have you done to her? Why isn't she responding? What did you do?" their voices rasped with accusation, cutting through the air like a serrated knife. Niçholas's heart pounded with both worry and determination as he gently eased India onto the cold floor, his hands trembling with a mix of fear and tenderness. The sight of her pale, lifeless face drained of color sent a surge of panic through him. Her labored breaths echoed through the silent cafeteria, the stillness broken only by the hushed whispers of onlookers. Niçholas, his brow furrowed in deep concern, tapped India's cheek lightly, urging her to say something and not stop breathing. Every passing second only heightened the realization that her condition was rapidly deteriorating. Sweat glistened on her forehead, a chilling testament to the internal battle consuming her fragile body. What could have sudden
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The men in black cast a stern gaze across the bustling cafeteria. Their presence commanded attention, and it seemed as though the onlookers couldn't tear their eyes away. The murmurs of hushed whispers filled the air, but the sight of these guards instilled fear and respect. It was not every day that one encountered the protective force that shielded India from any harm. "You all should return to your business. If any of you look here again, I will make sure I poke out your eyes," One of the men threatened. Reluctantly, everyone averted their gazes, their curiosity replaced by a cautious wariness. India, still seething in anger, directed her piercing glare at Niçholas, who stood in the midst of the confusion, an expression of genuine confusion etched upon his face. What kind of question was that? He thought as he waited for India to talk again. "You need to explained to me why you were harassing me publicly, I thought you were responsible," India tutted her teeth.
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India's cheeks reddened as she continued to gaze at Niçholas, her heart racing with anticipation, as she continued to think about the massage. She must admit that Niçholas's hands felt really good on her. Niçholas, sensing her gaze, turned to her and inquired gently, "Is there something else you want to tell me? We're taking longer than expected in here." Taking a deep breath, India mustered up the courage to voice her desire. "I would be honored if you could come and visit me at home, Niçholas. After all, you have already been announced as my fiancé. It's only fitting that you meet my family. I am certain my mother will be so happy to see you," Niçholas felt a nervous flutter in his chest at India's request, how was he supposed to go about that? But he recalled the words his mentor had imparted to him. He had been divorced afterall, even though it's unofficial, he doesn't have to feel guilty for anything, and now, he was determined to follow his mentor's guidance. With a resolute ex
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The atmosphere in the lobby grew heavy with an unmistakable silence as the man's words lingered in the room. The astonishing news of a new revolutionary medicine that claimed to cure Asthma sent waves of disbelief and astonishment through the gathered crowd. Glances were exchanged, eyes filled with doubt as they struggled to fathom the possibility of such an extraordinary breakthrough. One man, still skeptical of the Royal group's ability to achieve something so remarkable, couldn't help but voice his reservations. "Is this news really true? Can we trust it?" he asked incredulously. Asthma, a condition long deemed incurable, suddenly held the promise of a potential solution, sparking significant implications in both the realms of health and wealth. With a determined nod, the man confidently replied, "I received this information from a reliable source. It's authentic, and it has been trending on various social media platforms. This is an amazing news, famz." The Avendano family, ren
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Nimah's eyes narrowed as she glared at Niçholas, her anger simmering just below the surface. "What do you mean?" she demanded, her voice laced with frustration. Niçholas was standing and speaking with confidence that no one was anticipating. Niçholas stood his ground, his gaze unwavering as he met Nimah's glare. "I've said what I needed to say," he replied coolly. "And it's the truth. So, yea, do not you dare insult India, because if you do... You're gonna regret it for the rest of your life," Nimah's voice trembled with righteous anger as she confronted Niçholas. "Why do you doubt my boyfriend's ability to secure a contract with the Royal family? Do you even know who he is? You think he's just a dirty cheap fool like you?" she said, scanning him from toe to head with disgust. With a composed smile, Niçholas retorted, "Why not give it a try, if you can." The challenge in his voice sent a surge of fury through Nimah. Unable to back down from Niçholas's provocation, Nimah swiftly bro
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