Rags to Billionaire

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Rags to Billionaire

By: AtengAmnesia OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Tyron was betrayed and got cheated on by his wife, got insulted by his in-laws but just when he was about to give up, a mysterious man carrying a suitcase gave him a calling card and envelope saying he is the son of the most wealthy man in their city.

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  • Lorace Fortez


    ...... Story is interesting though it's still in chapter 13, will read this once the book is completed.

    2022-11-25 15:35:55
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40 chapters
Chapter 01: Forced Wedding
CHAPTER 01: FORCED WEDDING“With the power vested upon me, I now pronounce you, husband and wife,” The priest announced their union as one, like a normal newlywed couple, a flashing smiley and air filled with romance should be happening but Sol’s face was saying that she was not ready and agreed to this.“You may now kiss your bride,” He removed the veil covering her face, and with slightly trembling hands he slowly caressed her face, pulling her gently close to him. “Make it quick,” Sol said, he sighed and kissed her lightly. For him, today was one of those days he could remember, but to Sol, this day was her worst. With fake smiles, Sol’s parents greeted them. Though it was fake, he appreciated it, the fact that he was given the chance to prove himself was enough for him.“I hate this,” Sol uttered, they were sitting on a loveseat in front of the crowd, it was just their close friends and family of them, the wedding was exclusive because Sol didn’t want to draw attention towards h
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Chapter 02: The Rumor
CHAPTER 02: THE RUMOR“Have you heard the news?” He overheard the managers talking, he was about to ignore it but then he heard his wife’s name. He didn’t make it obvious, he was still looking at the papers that he was holding but his attention was clearly not on the papers, he was starting to imagine things that he should not be thinking. “Seriously? I thought she said that they are just friends and it just works, she sure is a sly bitch,” The woman said, the other woman nod her head and laugh. He stopped looking at the papers when the women finally left the meeting room. He leaned on the chair and pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed her number. He should at least know what is going on, even if this is an unrequited feeling he has the fact that she is his wife, and he has the right. “I told you not to call me, didn’t I?” He can sense the harshness of her voice, he should not be doing this right now but he needed answers. “Is it true?” He asked, the silence was there, she
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Chapter 03: Disaster
CHAPTER 03: DISASTER“Why do I have to explain myself?! I already told you for god’s sake, Tyron! I am not cheating!” Sol’s loud voice echoed throughout the room. Tyron palmed his face, as he was feeling frustrated. He wanted to calm himself and try to talk to her calmly but Sol’s reaction was making him frustrated even more. They’ve been fighting ever since that night. “Let’s talk this out, alright? Calm down,” He just said instead, his patience was on the verge of breaking, he should be the one that was mad but he choose to lower himself so that their marriage could work, he hoped. “What was the pictures means, then? Just tell me you didn’t like it or even you tried to stop him, please!” He was desperate for answers, he wants to end his doubts and put his mind at ease. When he saw the pictures that were taken, Sol and Mr. Arsona is kissing publicly, in a bar, it was the night they had a fight when he heard her saying ‘I love you on her phone. Sol crossed her arms in her chest and
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Chapter 04: Mysterious Man
Chapter 04: Mysterious ManHe stormed away from their home, he was angry and broken at the same time. “F*ck!” He cursed as he punch the steering wheel causing a loud honking of the horn. His face is wet from tears, his loud sobs filled the inside of his car.After calming himself, he decided to drive away, Sol didn’t even bother to follow him. He scoff at the thought. He hurriedly drives and heads to the bar. Maybe alcohol can help him calm, he didn’t want to bother his mother.He parked his car when he reached the Bar and turned off the engine, he walk towards the entrance and he can hear the loud music, the crowd singing the song that the DJ was playing.He sat on the stool and ordered himself a drink, his head is hurting and his heart is beating fast. He sighed heavily and accepted the drink. He pulled his phone out and drop it at the bar counter.“She didn’t even bother calling me,” He turned his phone off and then drink the whiskey from the glass. He eyed the place and a man sat
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Chapter 05: Jack Anderson
CHAPTER 05: JACK ANDERSONThe funeral was being held at the place of Anderson, like any other family, they are in grief and especially his said Father– Mr. Anderson.“Who is he?” He asked the Doctor. “He’s stable and will soon gain consciousness,” The Doctor said, he nod his head and sat on the couch, they heard a knock on the door. “Mr. Anderson, this is Michael, may I come in?” He heard Michael at the door, he nod at his assistant, went to the door, and opened it. “Mr. Anderson, here are the papers you requested yesterday,” He handed him the envelope, Mr. Anderson opened it and smirks. “Did you already do what I told you yesterday?” He asked Michael without even looking at him. Michael nodded his head. “Good.”His men reported that Ms. Gabriela went missing. “You imbeciles! Find her!” He shouted and the men immediately went outside. He should keep her safe, after all, she’s Tyron’s mother. He gritted his teeth and looks at the pictures in front of him.“Bastard,” He whispered and s
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Chapter 06: Brutal
CHAPTER 06: BRUTALHis belongings were recovered by his father during the incident, he opened his phone and saw his mother’s messages, one by one he read the text, as his tears were falling in his eyes.‘Where are you? Please, come home, I think there’s someone downstairs,’ ‘Sweetheart? Please, if you’re there, help me,’‘The person is now coming upstairs, please,’‘Take care, Son, I love you'He wiped his tears as he read the texts, he should be blaming himself, he should have checked his phone and driven carefully, he should have been more responsible. Sobs escaped his mouth, covering his mouth, and he groaned in pain. “I promise to punish him for you, Mom,” He whispered and looked at the picture of them hugging his mother while they were smiling brightly. He dialed his assistant’s number that was in his contacts. After a few rings, Kevin picked up his call. “What’s up, Boss?” Kevin asked him, he didn’t mind if he talked to him casually. “I need you to find someone, please repo
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Chapter 07: The Rotten Fruit
CHAPTER 07: THE ROTTEN FRUITMorning came and he requested an office inside the mansion, his father allowed him and he said he should learn the things he needs to learn in running their business. Aside from the hotels, his father owned a construction company and even multiple real estate buildings, a food business, and investments. The men immediately carried the table, cabinets, and even the types of equipment he needs inside the vacant room of the mansion, his father’s interior designer made it manly yet pleasing to the eyes, combined with white and black accents inside the office, with a touch of gray.He smiled when he saw the office, after a week of making sure everything is based on his liking, he can finally use it.“Son,” His father called his attention, he raised his head and saw his father roaming around his office. “Good to see that you liked the room,” His father added. He nod his head and leaned on his swivel chair.“Thanks for the help,” He said, his father just nods hi
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Chapter 08: Welcome to Hell
CHAPTER 08: WELCOME TO HELL“So, you’re my brother,” Morgan Anderson, his brother said. Morgan tilted his head and looks at Tyron from head to toe. “Huh! Not bad,” His brother said before leaving and leaving him alone. Morgan walks towards the stairs, whistling a tune. He shakes his head and sighs.“Father should have told me that he is coming,” Tyron murmured. He stood up from his seat and then walks towards the stairs when he finished eating and went back to his office. He sat on the chair and called his father. “Father,” He started, his father immediately picked up after a few rings. “Yes, Son,” His father answered. “You didn’t tell me that Morgan is coming home,” He said. “He’s home? That spoiled brat! I’ll be back after an hour, for the meantime, avoid fighting or crossing paths with that devil,” His father said before ending the call. He doesn’t have the energy to argue with his brother, besides, he doesn’t know him well.A knock from the door woke him up from his thoughts. “Co
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Chapter 09: Losing Someone
CHAPTER 09: Losing Someone“No! You can’t do that! How dare you accuse us of stealing from our company?!” Mrs. Alonso shouted, her hand creating a loud sound as she smashed her hand on the table. “Apparently, We have, Mrs. Alonso, since Mr. Alonso stated here that he sold his shares and the ownership of the Hotel if he can’t pay the amount of money that he borrowed,” Mr. Hayes said, sounding serious about the situation, without a hint of guilt and remorse.“W-what?” Mrs. Alonso was shocked by what she heard. “No, that can’t be,” Mr. Hayes gave her the paper. “Sign it,” Mr. Hayes said, Kevin beside him who is seating, waiting for the meeting to end, the board members elected Mr. Titus Anderson as the CEO of the Hotel and Resort. “Mrs. Alonso, let’s not delay the meeting, it is clearly stated, Mr. Alonso knew the consequences of his actions,” Mr. Arturo said, one of the board members of Alonso’s Hotel and Resort. “Shut up!” Mrs. Alonso shouted, looking at Mr. Arturo harshly. “Don’t wai
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Chapter 10: The Rise of Titus Anderson
CHAPTER 10: THE RISE OF TITUS ANDERSONEvening came, and the people of the mansion were busy preparing for the party this evening. Tyron heaved a sigh as he stared at his reflection in the mirror, after fixing his tie. “Mr. Anderson?” One of the maids called his name, he glance at the maid thru the mirror’s reflection.“Are you ready? Your father is waiting for you,” The maid said, he nodded his head and turn, walking towards the door. He saw his brother outside leaning on the wall, holding a bottle of wine, his hair is messy, his tie is unknot and he is only wearing white long sleeves and slacks. “What are you doing here?” He asked, he saw how his brother grinned before glancing at him. “Nothing, brother, don’t be so tense,” His brother said. He was about to walk past him when his brother spoke. “I wish that you would not regret the decision you made brother, it’s not easy in here,” His brother added, it sounded like a threat. “I’ve been through worst, and don’t worry, I won’t,” He
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