The Revenger's System

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The Revenger's System

By: Aliast OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Ryan Wilder is secretly married to Violet Crowne, a rising star with the beauty of a Goddess. The bad news? Violet hates him. Her family also treats him like a scum and humiliates him for fun. To make it worse, Violet cheats on him, too. It's a big combo for a life that feels like hell. Then, something unbelievable happens. Peeep! [You have been chosen as TEETS's Potential Host.] [Please state your goal.] 'I want revenge.' [Congratulations!] [Now, you have become TEETS' Host.] TEETS, short for Terribly Excellent Emperor-Training System, will grant him superpower abilities if he completes the missions it gives. [A new mission received!] [Face-slapping Son-in-Law: Acquire $100.000.000 in 24 hours.] [Ability Reward: Unlimited Balance Lvl 1.] [Description: Allow Host to buy everything via online transaction.] Slowly but surely, Ryan becomes a powerful figure with his eyes set on revenge. However, when he is enjoying life and setting his revenge on everyone who had wronged him, his past catches up with him. "My son," the wealthiest man in the States said, "I want you to go home with me and be my successor." Ryan wonders if his life could get any worse.

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  • Kheven Steve


    this is one of the useless novel that I ever read ,the plot is trash, I hope the character leave at that family and comeback for revenge, what coward

    2023-08-23 22:23:54
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156 chapters
1. The Dominated
"Ryan!"Splash!"Wake up, you spineless trash! How can you take a nap in a time like this?"Ryan took a sharp breath and coughed as he was wrenched awake with a glass of water. Of course, a glass of water was thrown at his face by his very own wife."Violet, what are you–""It's seven already?"Shit.Ryan quickly rose and stood up from the bed. In his haste, he almost knocks Violet."Watch where you're going!""Sorry!""Do you really want to touch me that much?!"What a useless question?Violet was beautiful – no, she was gorgeous. Her blonde strands waved past her shoulder blades. Her face was free of any imperfection, apart from the small mole under her right eye, which he adored. Her blue eyes were framed by long eyelashes, teasing him with every blink. And those lips, ah, he wanted to kiss her so badly.Oh, her lovely lips moved. What was she saying again?Ryan snapped out of his reverie, summoning the wrath of the gorgeous woman in front of him."–dare you to look at me with that
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2. The Humiliation
“Aaaaaash!”“Ugh…”Ryan heard them clearly. His wife, Violet, and an unknown man he has yet to meet doing something unspeakable.They were fuc–He banged his head to the bedroom door, right when he heard them giving in to pleasure. Breath ragged, Ryan tried to control himself. He couldn’t do anything, despite the fury that told him to just bust the door and claim Violet for his own.He couldn’t, no mater how much he begged in the darkness of his own bedroom. Violet viewed him as nothing but a slave, and not as her husband.Ryan decided to cool down and try to forget what he just heard happened behind his wife’s closed door. Walking to the back side of the Crowne residence, he soon found the simple door of his bedroom. It was supposed to be the housekeepers’ room, but since he married Violet, the Crownes fired all of their employees.Laying on the bed, he smashed his face to the thin pillow and screamed. He poured all of his fiery rage there, where no one would hear his misery and woul
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3. The Catalyst
Fueled accumulating rage for years, Ryan charged at Ashton and gave him a punch in the face. "–the hell?!" Ashton quickly recovered and stood up, fist curled to get back at Ryan. With his sturdier build and taller height, it meant the actor had longer reach than him. So, when the payback punch came, Ryan couldn't dodge it. For someone who should have had a hangover and only minutes ago made love with someone – his wife – Ashton should have no energy spared for the punch. But Ryan felt like his cheekbone shattered on the impact. Perhaps he was exaggerating, but it sure felt so. Grimacing, Ryan was about to launch his next attack. Unfortunately, he was neither fast nor strong. He never raised his hand to defend himself, let alone punch someone out of rage. The fact that he nailed his first punch to Ashton's face was probably out of luck and unexpectedness. "Take this, lowly bastard!" Ashton pulled his muscled right hand back and shot it to Ryan's other cheek, making him lose his ba
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4. And the Terribly Excellent Emperor-Training System
[Do you allow TEETS to help you achieve your goal?] Surrendering completely to whatever this insanity was, Ryan nodded. 'Yes.' Peeep! [Congratulations!] [Now, you have become TEETS's Host.] [TEETS will automatically disconnect when Host's goal is achieved.] Ryan almost jumps in surprise, hearing a mechanical voice in his head. He figured it happened because he finally became TEETS' Host. Even so, the floating white letters framed by golden lines were still present, albeit to summarize what TEETS was saying in his head. 'What the fuck had just happened?' Another thing he noticed was that the pain from Ashton's hits and kicks was gone completely. Ryan didn't even feel a thing. He was fine, as if he wasn't knocking on Death's door. [As a congratulatory gift, TEETS will give you a list of random abilities you may choose from.] [Please select three abilities wisely.] [Clear Water Lvl 1: Allow Host to detect a small dosage of drug or poison in a drink.] [Little Sky Lvl 1: Allow
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5. Before the Storm
Peeep! [A mission received!] [Face-slapping Son-in-Law: Acquire $100.000.000 in 24 hours.] [Rewarded Ability: Unlimited Balance Lvl 1.] Ryan reread the message floating before him for the third time. He didn’t imagine it. TEETS truly meant he must get that many zeros in twenty-four hours. ‘You must be joking! Where the hell can he get one hundred million in a day beside robbing a bank?!’ [TEETS only give missions according to Host’s full potential.] ‘Full potential, you said?’ Ryan already felt a massive headache coming. Peeep! That annoying sound again. He expected a new message to pop, but nothing came. Peeep! Ryan frowned. Peeep! Splash! Ryan gasped for air, feeling himself suddenly drowned in water. But he wasn’t. “Get yourself out of here, you scum.” It was Violet, and her trusty glass of water poured into his face. He coughed hard, trying to get the liquid out of his oesophagus and lungs. He wheezed, “Wha..?” “What did you say?” Violet stood over his lying form
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6. Unqualified Waiter
Robert Crowne’s sixtieth birthday party was bigger than Ryan expected.The party matched his father-in-law’s liking. A red carpet with plenty of entertainment and business journalists. Big convention hall of a five-star hotel. And live music performed by Skittles – an old-school acoustic band that flew straight from Finland.To be honest, Ryan was quite surprised that he was invited to be here in the first place. He was forbidden to attend all of the Crowne family’s birthday parties since he married Violet two years ago.But he was here now. Dressed in Jared’s discarded suit pants that he saved from the trash and a second-hand white shirt he got for 2 dollars in the market. And for the leather shoes, he was lucky that the family’s previous driver had left them there. Ryan looked like a rug compared to all the nicely-dressed businessmen and beautiful entertainment figures, some of whom he spotted as Violet’s cast mates.Ryan never attends any party. So, after he slipped through the bac
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7. Unlimited Balance Activated
Ryan had to do something. He couldn’t let the bearded man send his picture to anyone else. He had to stop it before his picture spread and his old identity was exposed. But what? He was on the brink of a mental breakdown in the middle of his father-in-law’s birthday party. And then– TEETS. What were the abilities TEETS gave him again? A mechanical voice resounded in his head, followed by the reappearance of the transparent black panel with gold lines as a frame. ___ [Status] Name: Rayven Ashford Age: 27 Goal: Revenge on the Host's in-laws and old family. Targets: - Robbert Crowne - Marisa Crowne - Jared Crowne - Florent Crowne - Howard Ashford - Annette Ashford - Edric Ashford Percentage Chance to Achieve Goal: 0% Estimated Time to Achieve Goal: 101 years. Abilities: + Night Cloak Lvl1: Allow Host to be invisible to one target at a time. + Unveiled Tongue Lvl 1: Allow Host to learn the truth from the target's lies for an hour a day. + Unlock Lvl 1: Allow Host t
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8. Who Rides the Helicopter?
Before dawn break, the Crowne's resident was as silent as the previous night. Not a single soul had risen from their sleep due to the hangover and exhaustion from last night's birthday party.But then, the calmness and silence of early morning air were heavily disturbed by a helicopter attempting to land in the front yard. Aside from a silver Porsche and red Ferrari owned by Robert and Violet, the parking space was relatively empty."What's..?" Robert was the first one to wake up. The officially sixty-year-old man groggily stood up and shook his wife as he heard the copter's loud sound. "Wake up. I think Jared come home.""Hmm…" but Marissa merely shifted to her left, her back facing him. But, five seconds later, she gasped and got up, her face lit up like Christmas lights. "Jared's here?""There's a copter outside, who else could it be? Maybe he feels bad for not coming to my party last night!"With that in mind, they scurried out of their
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9. The New Owner
After the debacle earlier, the rest of the day went normal for Ryan and the Crowne family. They treated him like trash, and Ryan did anything as usual without really minding their insults.However, when they decided to go to dinner and ask Ashton to accompany them, Ryan couldn't stay silent anymore. He was fed up with Violet's boyfriend."What, you want to go with us?" Marissa asked before they exited the house. "Did I mishear something or are you really said that you want to go to dinner with us? You?!"Ryan nodded, despite his in-law's mocking expression. Usually, when they dine out, Ryan would drive the car and wait in the parking lot. Now, he wanted to eat there together. Something he wouldn't dare do. But now, with TEETS helping him and due to his fear that Violet and Ashton would get closer, he had to keep an eye.Violet merely rolled her eyes when he told them. She said nothing as Ashton nudged her bare arm, "You have a ballsy housekeeper."
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10. I Accidentally Buy A Company
Ryan’s in-laws were still in shock after what happened in the restaurant. They stayed silent on the way home, sending side-eyes and mean glares to Ryan, who drove.Finally, when they arrived home and plopped themselves in the family room, his mother-in-law said something. “Make us some hot cups of tea,” Marissa ordered, “Your magical lies disgust me.”Sighing, Ryan went to the kitchen. It didn’t take long for the waiter to boil, and the teas were made. He brought a tray and went back to his in-laws. Usually, he’d kneel and serve the tea on the table, not making eye contact with them.However, after their disbelieving and condescending comments, he didn’t have the energy to act so humbly. He just placed the tray on the table and went to leave them.But his in-laws stopped him.“Don’t get cocky just because you bought a restaurant,” Marissa said without preamble, a deep scowl on her fa
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