106: Discussing futures

It took longer than he expected for the knock to come, but when it did, he opened the door to find Kerrigan with long baggy pants. A white blouse loosely hung over her shoulder which he could see was still bandaged. She did not at all look like the finely dressed queen of Dragon Corporation he had seen on several occasions prior. She seemed to be favoring her left leg.

“Do you need a coat or jacket?”

“Please.” She said simply.

He slipped back into the room and grabbed one of his coats and helped gently drape it across her shoulders. He led them back out into the office and pulled out a chair for her. She dropped into it heavily, her left leg propped gingerly out to the side.

“What day is it?”

“Umm, it’s Sunday afternoon. March third if that helps any.”


Conor watched as she rubbed more sleep from her eyes. As he assessed her, he saw numerus bruises and cuts every

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