Super Consortium Heir After Breakup

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Super Consortium Heir After Breakup

By: Solemnprince CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Betrayed by his wife for his boss, Henry is hell bent on getting his revenge but then, he was just an ordinary man tossed by the wind of life and there was nothing that he could do. But turned out that he was wrong. At the height of his troubles, it was revealed that he was a consortium heir.

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    Nice book. You can do more than this.

    2023-12-08 03:24:23
  • Bella Ade


    I loved every minute of this ...️...️

    2024-01-09 01:59:54
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192 chapters
"What complaint do you have to lay again this time?" Henry's boss, Fred. with a scornful frown on his face."I want a salary raise. I need it this time." Henry sank his hands into his pockets."Why?" Fred returned to him, without even raising his head from the computer, not taking his words seriously."Gulp." A large lump went down his spine almost immediately.Henry has been working as a sales agent in the company for years now and all his colleagues that joined in together have all been promoted but he was still where he was."My foster mother is sick and the doctor said that they need to carry out a surgical operation on her and make a really large deposit." He noted with a trace of tears in his voice.After going around to sort for money and did not get any. This was his last hope and he could not allow his mother to die.Mr. Fred shot a really weird stare at her as his face twisted with so much irritation."Do you have to always beg to survive? Isn't it enough that I have you w
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"Young master." They kept on saying to him, making him furrow his brow and he pulled backwards slowly."I think there is a mistake here. How can I be anyone's master when I can barely feed and I just got my salary cut in half?" He could not help a bit but inquire."I think that you have for got the wrong person." He said again."No young master. That can't be possible. Since we have already carried out all our research.""Come with us, we are going to explain everything to you." The man returned to himFor a while he was stricken in his place, unable to move even the slightest bit and he could feel his heart beating hard against his chest until he could not get enough air in his wind pipe.But again they could not get anything from him since he was way too broke so he decided to go with them. The young man singled to the Rolls-Royce that stood at the far end of the street and it drove over to them immediately as though it was already expecting the command.He was hesitant, not wantin
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A large lump went down his spine as he spat out the words from his mouth. Who did not know about the wealthy empire?But could this man be the one?Only a few people knew about the leader of such a large business empire that led the hotels, steel companies, and a lot of other companies all over the city.His jaw fell apart as he continued to focus his eyes on him.He quickly brought out his phone from his pocket and searched for him.He compared the photos with the one that he was saying right before him."They match." A scoff escaped from his mouth.His heart was racing fast now as though it was going to burst through from his chest and his father's lips broke into a smile."There is no need for you to think too much about it."Then he thought about his foster mother, he had to reach out to the hospital immmediately and her bills paid. His grandfather seem to notice the worry in his eyes and already knew what he was thinking about."You don't need to worry about Mrs. Bella, I Know
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"And if I can get it without any form of stress?". He wanted to deal with them for treating him in such a way.Immediately he spat out the words from his mouth, Helena and the sale lady broke out into hateful laughter, clutching to her stomach and trying as hard as she could not to roll on the floor."Why are you asking for the price of something that you can not afford?" Her eyes farrowed while she continued to stare at him."And if I can get the card, you are going to call me Daddy?" Immediately he said this now, the laughter stopped, seeing that things were now getting even much more serious than they had thought in the first place.They shot a stare at him and back at each other. The silence of the three of them engulfed the three of them until Helena finally decided to break the silence."This is one of their techniques." She tried pull his off from it but from the look that was on his face, it showed that he was not joking with it."And if you are not able to?" The sale lady i
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The guards there ushered them out of the place while he was given a special treat around.Henry went through the list of what he needed and then when he was satisfied, he turned around and left the mall.He could feel the thick air of satisfaction floating around him as he walked back home and for the first time in a long time, his face carved into a genuine smileHe had to sleep early that night because he had a whole lot of places to go to the next day. First, he was going to head for the business headquarters of his company, just as his Father had duly informed him and after that, he was going to see his foster mother at the hospital.He could barely sleep well that night, always rolling on the foam. He always slept on the floor in his hard rock room. The AC and the extra soft foam, he wasn't used to all that comfortThe next morning, it was time for him to go to his company. He got ready as soon as he could and had forgotten the deal that he had with his grandfather the previous
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He watched as he vanished into thin air and he was left alone there. He wanted to get his grandfather to tell him the manager of the place so that he would be driven away instantly but he decided to keep cool.He wanted to know what his ambition was, coming into his company.He stepped away from the place and walked gradually towards the massive gates that were made of rare gems, all glittering in the ray of the sun.The place was packed filled with a lot of people wanting to get into the company but there was a warden at the gateFrom what he was told, the warden was going to ask everyone their ambition in the company and if it was reason enough, he was going to let them in.He was pretty shocked by the fact even a simple security officer of the company was so expensively dressedFinally, he got to the Security and a search was carried out.He wasn't even worried that he was the owner of the company. Besides, he was like any other person.Since he was past visiting time, he was the o
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"I am sorry about him ma'am. He is nothing but a useless and worthless bum trying to get into the company but I am going to get rid of him right away." He raised his head slowly, about to walk away and get the security officer but then, Miss. Clara stopped him, Staring right into his eyes and gnashing her teeth."I want you to repeat what you just said. A useless and worthless bum ?" He frowned and he nodded her head."Yes ma'am. But.." he did not even get to complete his statement before a thick slap landed on his face."How dare you. You fool." She growled at him and he clutched to his aching face, totally confused.Miss Clara pulled away from him almost immediately and walked down to him."I'm deeply sorry sir and speechless at the same time." She fell on her knees to apologize to him, knowing way too well what his grandfather could do to her if he found out anything about it.Her heart was racing, hitting the fence of its caves while she looked down without daring to steal a glanc
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Clara Adams? Henry inquired.Yes good sir, I'm the manager of this car ranch, she said with a swift smile.Let me quickly show you to your office, she said and walked out, and Henry followed her gently.Here is your office Mr. Henry. I sincerely want to apologize for the scene that transpired downstairs. That will never happen again.It better not Clara … .it better not, he said with a weird smile.I believe everything will go well from here on out?she asked, striking an expectant gaze.It should be Clara. You will have to earn my respect because you lost it in seconds of our meeting, he said and went to sit on his chair.Have a seat, Clara, he said with a smile.Now, I need to let you know that I am a very friendly and free spirited young man. I see faults in people and I don't judge them far too fast. I lean close to see where that fault is coming from and just by doing that I rectify that fault.Belittling people is the least thing on my list and if you want to work here with me as
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Holy shit!!! Henry screamed.They hit the tree so badly that Henry lost cautiousness.Amidst the chaos and flames on the deserted highway, Henry woke up with a little tear on his arm.He coughed and managed to get out of the car. He beckoned to the driver, and he woke up, his eyes wide open in shock.Sorry, master he went on one knee, I am sorry he said, limping towards Henry.It is fine, let's get ourselves out of this place, the car isn't safe…they crossed to the other side of the road.After waving for minutes, a car stopped.I'll be happy to help a young lady in the front seat offered.Thank you, kind, Miss Henry said, they got in, and the driver was bleeding profusely.They got to the hospital after a thirty-minute drive and Henry and the driver were admitted.The news soon reached the grandfather, and he arrived at the hospital with Henry's foster mom, who he met on his way to the hospital.Henry…hey … . Henry..his mom called with a crying face, she asked the nurse why isn't he s
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At the hospital, “ Grandpa, please don't leave me alone.” Henry said when he saw his grandfather lying on the bed with various wires hooked to his veins. “ Young master! You can't be in here.” A nurse said and stared at him aghast. The doctor expressly said that grandfather should be left alone. “ You aren't going to tell me what to do.” Henry shouted at her. “ I need to be with my grandfather at this time!” He snapped and the nurse recoiled. She didn't know that he could be this angry. Mrs. Clara ran into the room, "Oh my goodness, I came as soon as I heard. I'm so sorry about this.” She said. “ Where's the doctor?” Henry replied and on cue, a short middle-aged man walked in with a stethoscope on his shoulders signifying his status. “Mr. Henry, you shouldn't be in here.” He said in a challenging tone, and Henry looked at him with contempt in his eyes. How dare they tell him not to visit his only family left? “ What happened to my grandfather?” He replied instead. He was less co
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