Chapter 115: Kelan confronts Zadok

***Targu Province, Kelan Benedict***

Kelan fumed as he sat in his car staring up at Dragon Corporation. Kerrigan had refused to meet with him all week and now her guards were going to kick him out of the building? Fine. Nuclear options were available. He made his way back to Zadok’s office atop the temple mountain fortress. When he arrived, he was surprised that Zadok had actually placed a guard at this door. Perhaps his previous visit had finally prompted him to use some common sense.

“I need to see the Prima. Tell him its urgent.”

The guard disappeared inside. Well, clearly Zadok had only hired a doorman, not a true guard then. A moment later he reappeared, “The Prima is waiting.”

“Good.” Kelan went in, trying to check his impatient nerves. He found Zadok sitting at his desk reviewing a stack of papers. Kelan tried to appear jovial and friendly. “Zadok, Good man. How are you today?”


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