Chapter 125: Rats in the Walls

*** Breanne POV Targu Province, Temple of Abraxas***

Breanne slipped through the halls of the temple of Abraxas on silent feet. She had trained here every day of her life since she was five and knew every hall and every room better than the back of her hand. The kids who grew up here had always mastered these halls better than any one else thanks to their endless games of hid and seek, chase, and cat and mouse. Today, she was tracking Kelan Benedict.

The traitorous bastard had been spotted on the trolly lift by one of her loyal guards who had alerted her. She had left Dragon Corporation and was now closing in on where that bastard had gone. Her sources had guided her to the wing where the Prima held his office. Fresh Dragoon guards patrolled the corridors now that she had never seen before. These men must be some of the Prima’s personal pets then.

She twisted out of sight and down another hall and opened a small door. Brooms and buckets greet

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