Part 2 - Chapter 31: Conor Undercover CEO

Thursday morning Conor walked into the AperturePhoto Tower. Peter had managed to secure a six-story building and was renting out two of the floors. The main lobby had a large registration desk with metal detectors and scan in terminals for all employees.

Peter had gone all out when designing this place, and the air of professionalism was evident in every detail.

Conor wondered how he should approach today’s interaction being that he was not known here. Peter had said the designers kept to themselves. He decided to ask for the new manager and go from there. He had decided to let Parker have the morning off from being his private shadow. After all, Aperture Photo’s security was covered by Colonel Eli’s personnel. Parker nodded as Conor passed the front door.

“I will be right next door. there is a good coffee shop I have been meaning to try. Text when you are done.”

Conor walked up to the reception desk where a man clacked away at a keyboard.

“Janitorial interviews are in the lobby
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