Rich Nights of a Penniless

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Rich Nights of a Penniless

By: Flower Spirit OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Being treated as a slum, all his life, a penniless young man of just twenty years was at the edge of his life. Beaten by his colleagues mercilessly for a mistake he never committed he thought it was the end of him. Escaping from them, he ended up in a broken and shabby building near the dump yard where he got something miraculous. It may be because destiny had decided something different for him. Something huge that his little brain can't stand the hugeness. [Delta Central Bank; The account number ending with xxxx890 has been credited with an amount of 20,00,000/-] Two million dollars to spend but with a twist. {Task initiated: Your time starts now} Watch out how a penniless becomes the richest dragon in his nights and gets back to those who once let him shed blood and tears.

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  • Bookworm


    Liked it so far, but why do I feel that it will end up with a billionaire story at last.

    2023-12-28 23:46:21
  • WordLover


    Great read...

    2023-12-20 18:54:32
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82 chapters
Chapter 1 Unexpected trap?
"Darling...! You promised me a thrilling adventure at The Diamond Wars today...!" Lily, a woman of irresistible charm, pouted seductively into her phone. However, her excitement abruptly shattered when the call ended abruptly, crashing to the ground like a broken dream. Cursing under her breath, Lily entered the partially closed door, revealing a man standing before her. She took a deep breath and strode forward, her gaze fixed on Leo, her raised eyebrows betraying her anger and offense. Unaware of the commotion behind him, Leo stood tall at his desk, diligently engaged in his cleaning duties. His hands moved skillfully, though blindly, as he meticulously worked to maintain the office's pristine appearance. "Hey...!" Lily finally yelled, her voice piercing the air and capturing the attention of the young man. It was Leo's well-deserved lunch break, a precious time for him to find solace in his work. Yet, in his role as a cleaner, he often faced unique challenges, including unwarran
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Chapter 2 System Activated...
In a desperate state, Leo shoved his hands in his pocket to find something sharp poking him and a hint of hope bloomed in him. As a cleaner, he had the keys to the storeroom, at least his job helped him with that. As adrenaline pumped through his veins, Leo scanned the next room for any possible means of escape. His eyes fell upon a small, narrow window, offering a glimmer of hope in the darkness. Pushing aside his fear and pain, he summoned every ounce of strength and resolve to pry it open. As the window creaked open, Leo felt a rush of anticipation. He squeezed through the tight opening, his body contorting to fit the narrow passage. The cool air kissed his face, a brief respite from the suffocating atmosphere he had left behind. One of the employees, Jake, couldn't bear to see him escape. "Hey, get him, he is running away...." he yelled calling the security and asking them to catch Leo.Security started looking for him everywhere. With the hard-earned freedom beckoning him, Leo
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Chapter 3 Determination, first task...
What could a man do after witnessing a scene like that, his loved one sleeping with someone else, calling him a cleaner before him?That hurts...!That hurts a lot.His heart felt as if a dagger just pierced it. The woman he loved, the woman he wanted to share his life with, his fortune with had betrayed him. But he knows deep in his heart that there was something between them as a barrier from the beginning.Whenever he met Anastasia, she always claims that she was actually doing a favor to him as that trash, that penniless doesn't deserve her.Yet that foolish man spent all his hard-earned money on that woman, buying her gifts above his level. Striving himself for days just to gift her a golden chain but still that woman complained that even the toilet cleaner Linda got a small diamond from his boyfriend.But now, all those glass feelings that he had smashed into uncountable pieces.With a heavy heart and deep sorrow, Leo turned away from the scene of betrayal, leaving behind the sha
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Chapter 4 A Chance to Revenge...
The Diamond Wars, resto-bars, and hotels are dream places for every individual to visit even once in life.It has many things to please a man, many delicacies to please any human. A place where one can live their life as a king and also a place where a rich man can become a beggar, as the addictive heavenly facilities will make anyone strive for it.Receiving the order, the car glided through the city streets, Leo glimpsed his reflection in the window, a reflection that now radiated not only with the splendor of his attire but also with an inner glow of applause and courage. With each passing moment, he felt more connected to the world around him, ready to make a difference and leave his mark on the tapestry of life. At that moment, as the city lights danced in harmony with his dreams, Leo knew that he was no longer defined by his past but shaped by the experiences that lay ahead. The luxurious clothes he wore were more than mere garments; they were a symbol of his transformation, a
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Chapter 5 Task completed...
Lily's eyes twitched as she felt a little uneasy, but for sure the man before her was rich enough to fulfill all her demands. She thought for a while and then with a smile spread across her face made a move toward him."Stop...!" he yelled jolting her, then commanded, "Stay there and do something that can make me crazy about you...!" Her face flattened, "What is this...!" she had been thinking about. It was he who brought her here after getting attracted to her, doesn't he?Then what does this all about?Giving it a brief analysis, her thoughts concluded that he has some kind of issues regarding this matter. And now that she had made up her mind to have this deliciously rich man who can afford a private room in The Diamond Wars, she was ready to do anything to impress him."Tell me what to do, I will do anything you say," she said seductively, standing before him and her hands resting on her waist."Strip...!" the young man spoke louder, not with any kind of attraction but the disgu
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Chapter 6 New friends...
{Reward granted}{Please check your phone}Another notification popped up and Leo enthusiastically checked his phone to see whether he got any money to spend or if it was something else.{Reward Destination:-Fallock Street 34/3 22-5}{Minor Task initiated}Looking at his phone he felt curious as there was a message on the phone screen, an address to visit, and an unknown task to complete.Leo tackled the journey ahead with many questions about where this place existed and what his next task was.But no matter what, he loved the change in this life and wanted to explore all the tasks of this magical system. Keeping his trust in the system, he jogged there.Asking everyone whom he came across for the address he had to go to and reached there with great difficulty.Who will believe that the man who spent two million in just a night, yesterday was now struggling to get a cab or even doubting to take a bus in the morning?In front of him, there lay a small cafe. Though a small one,
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Chapter 7 Reward granted...
In the evening the cafe was busy with customers filling every available seat. Among them was a particularly disgruntled and rude customer, whose impatience and arrogance were evident from the moment he walked through the door, with a luxurious suit on, he was bawling on his phone as if someone had just burnt his butt.As fate would have it, this customer's bitterness burst on James's head right from the beginning as he bumped into him, accidentally. "Do you have eyes in your pocket...! You bloody... crab..!" that man yelled without taking a breath. James hung his head down, embarrassed."I am so sorry sir, but it was you who bumped into me" James let out so politely to make it up but that man seem to have a temper issue. He pushed James away, shrieking at him, "Get your shitty hands off me...!" he yelled with an awe expression on his face, stumbling away and cursing someone under his breath," Why the hell he called me here, out of all places? What kind of trashy place is this?" Tha
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Chapter 8 Young Master...
Amidst the chaos, Nicolas was overwhelmed that his manager was finally here looking at him doing his duty, and after noticing his sincerity, he will be promoted to a better position.But Leo had already planned about the position of that man.In just a few minutes Mr. Roberts barged in a scramble, all that he saw was Mr. Leo, the young master who spent millions of dollars just for fun a night before, being dragged by a useless worker of his. Leonard was so relaxed, he didn't even defend himself because he had his plans. Soon as some kind of thunderstorm struck him, Mr. Roberts furiously stormed forward and forced a sharp kick on Nicolas's ass. Nicolas stumbled ahead and fell hitting his beautiful face on the floor.Bleeding through his nose, a lump formed on his forehead, he turned around shockingly. Spectaculating what had happened but before he could even see the man who hit him clearly a roar echoed around him."What the hell do you think you are doing?" Mr. Roberts yelled withou
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Chapter 9 Not qualified...
"Argh...Ahaa...!""Wof of" Nicholas's scream echoed through the luxurious cabin as he reluctantly approached the dog, gritting his teeth and fuming with anger. But the real game started as the medication that was given to the dog started to work.That dog ran here and there, pooping everywhere. Nicholas's eyes widened and he covered his nose immediately but a cruel smirk spread across Leo's face."Sir, this dog is sick...!" he hissed trying to run out of the cabin."Wait, Mr. Nicholas, Where are you going?" Leo asked, his voice so clear and composed, " Isn't it your work to clean this?" as the words rolled out of Leo's mouth, Nicholas rubbed his ears to test if he heard it right.How could an assistant manager do chores like this?"Sir, but... I..." he was perplexed trying to resist. But Leo was already fixed on what he had to make him do. It was he who called Leo a poop cleaner, how could he let him go?"Don't you want your job back, Nicholas?" Leo asked, this time his voice was ser
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Chapter 10 Task completed...
{Ding Dong}{Congratulations on completing the second task successfully}{Host:-Leonard Conner}The screen popped up before him with his gathered points, rewards, and the thirty-digit code bar.{Strength:-73}{Weakness:-29}{Congratulations on improving}{Codes attained:-1}{Minor task completed:-2}{Please touch the second digit to decode it} Leo touched it with a surge of joy and the second code was decoded. He felt so happy about completing his task and was so satisfied with the help of his system. {Task completed} He saw another message popping up on his phone, which made him chuckle. [Delta Central Bank; For account number ending with xxxx890 balance is 00,000.00] The account with two million dollars a few hours ago was now empty with zero balance.A kind of Satisfied smile was stuck on his face despite having zero balance in his account. He made his move further and come across a beautiful restaurant on his way back to the cafe where he noticed something that Leo's euphori
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