Level Up With My Bastard System in Fantasy World

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Level Up With My Bastard System in Fantasy World

By: Oceanna Lee CompletedSystem

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How would you feel if you were thrown into fantasy world that people called with The Numerion Kingdom? That's what happen to Olliver Pierre, he woke up in the body of another person named Timothee Bailey who turned out to be a noble child. But, unfortunately Timothee's body is very weak even though he is descendant of noble family. Because of that, Timothee lived exiled from the Bailey Family. Not to mention when he opened his eyes, Olliver found out that he woked up with a System that named itself With System 666. The System told him to carry out the mission it will give every single day. And the System give Olliver the final quest to kill The Demon Lord who lead the Demon Empire invade the Numerion Kingdom. Olliver through Timothee's body together with System 666 will grow stronger until they can defeat the Demon King who came to invade the Numerion Kingdom.


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197 chapters
Volume 1 - Chapter 1 : Boring Life
Rain began to fall in Paris today, Olliver Pierre ran while covering his head so as not to get hit by the rain. Olliver kept running to the convenience store where he worked, purposely arriving early so he wouldn't be scolded by his manager again. Olliver was tired of hearing his manager scolding him every day. Olliver reached into his pocket searching for the key to the convenience store. It was cold outside, Olliver's hands trembled with cold as he opened the entrance to the convenience store. Once opened, Olliver immediately went inside to begin his work that had been waiting for him. "Who's going to shop when it's raining like this," muttered Olliver feeling that today he would be bored again because there weren't many visitors. With quiet steps, Olliver changed his clothes and took the things he had to arrange it on the shelves in front. At that moment, Olliver heard the sound of someone entering the convenience store, then suddenly heard footsteps approaching him from beh
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Chapter 2 : Into the New World
[Starting moving the Host][Process...][Process has been completed...]Olliver woke up gasping for air, his body surging in shock and his pupils widening.Instantly Olliver touch his whole body and made sure that he was fine without lacking anything. After seeing that he was fine, Olliver immediately pulled a sigh of relief.However, there was something troubling for Olliver. By the way, where is he now? Why is he wearing a strange outfit like this?[Welcome to your new world, Host]Suddenly, there was a voice inside Olliver's head that made him jump from his spot."Who are you!? Show yourself!" said Olliver, holding up a bolster in front of his body.[I am System 666 who will help you in your new world]Again, there was a voice that had no form, Olliver was still turning his head in all directions to find the source of the sound he heard.“New world? What do you mean?" Oliver who was still confused, asked a lot of questions.For a long time there was no reply from the mysteri
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Chapter 3 : About System
“Of course I prepared your favorite meal, Young Master.” Giselle proudly told to Timothee what she was cooking.Remembering the quest from System 666 he had to do, Timothee cleared his throat softly before replying, "Come on, let’s eat."Giselle looked at Armand with a glare, confused by their Young Master, usually Timothee would always praise whatever she cooked before they started breakfast.Seeing that Giselle was glancing at him, Armand just shrugged his shoulders in skepticism, then sat down on chair right to Timothee to join the breakfast.Trying to ignore the strange atmosphere around him, Timothee pretended not to know and started taking some dishes for his breakfast today.Olliver is greatly helped by Timothee's original memory that the System has transferred to him, if there is no memory then it will be difficult for him to blend in with his new family.Silently, Timothee and his five servants began to eat their breakfast. No one spoke until they had finished their meal."
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Chapter 4 : First Training
Timothee could only curse the system when he got another annoying quest from the System, he could only hope that Armand wouldn't scold him later when he came late.His System Favor Point has been reduced again by the System, Timothee could no longer curse the System that kept giving him strange quests.“Then, what should I do now!” said Timothee furiously.There was no response from the system, Timothee decided to sit down on the sofa, and then started thinking about what he should do to pass the time.A moment later, Timothee had an idea that suddenly flashed through his head. "I'd better pay off the Daily Quests given by the system!" Timothee immediately stood up from his seat.By doing a little warm up to make it safer to do the quest. Timothee took a position to do push ups as instructed in his daily quest."Status!"A status window appears in front of Timothee, while doing his push ups, Timothee pays attention to the status window whether the quest has started.[Daily Quest :
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Chapter 5 : Next Turn
Armand immediately grabbed Timothee's arm so that he could get back on his feet. “Young Master, we better stop today's training. I'm sorry, I made you tired," said Armand feeling guilty for punishing Timothee for running around their backyard. "It seems that you are right, I think my body can still bear it." Timothee didn't think that his body would directly drop like now, he thought he could still do some training with Armand. After all, it was already late in the afternoon, it would be best if Timothee finished his daily quest in his room. “Can you help me get back to my room?” ask Timothee in a low voice. Without another word, Armand soon helped to support Timothee to escort his young master to his room. With slow steps, the two of them returned to the house, in the living room Violette who saw them also came to see Timothee. “What happened to you, Young Master?” Violette asked worriedly seeing Timothee being carried by Armand. “Just tired, no need to worry," replied Tim
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Chapter 6 : Accident?
Timothee didn't know exactly what time he felt his body hurt so much that he unconsciously made him scream in pain.His body felt as if he had been hit with a big hammer, his breath began again to catch on, he could feel his whole body covered in cold sweat.But, for some reason Timothee felt like he was semi-conscious, his eyes were tightly closed and he held back the pain that wracked his body by closing his eyes.Not long after, Timothee seemed to hear someone enter his room, but Timothee strangely sensed that the person was just staring at him from the darkness of his room with a smirk plastered on it’s lips.Then, Timothee's vision darkened and he fell unconscious.. . .The next morning Timothee woke up with feeling well. However, he was very surprised when his room became very crowded, all of the assistants in his house gathered in his room.Timothee rubbed his eyes, he thought he saw wrong, but in fact everyone was gathered in his room.It seems that because they sensed Tim
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Chapter 7 : How to Make Potion
“System, what do you mean by learning to make potions?” asked Timothee still confused by the quest System 666 had given him. [Host will find out what the System intends to do with this quest] This bastard system didn't say what its real purpose for giving this quest to Timothee. After talking with System for a while, Timothee realized that System was hiding something from him. [System hope Host doesn't think anything strange to the God System] Timothee was silent when he heard System's words which sounded very cold to his ears. It seemed that for now Timothee had better think about how to heal this vulnerable body. He didn't know if learning to make potions would help him to heal the curse that was in his body. Timothee put the empty tray of porridge back onto the small table next to his bed. While thinking how he could tell Violette to teach him to maks potions. It was then that Timothee asked the System a question. “System do your quest 3 that you just gave me have a tim
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Chapter 8 : Obtain New Skill
Since it was still ten in the morning, Timothee decided to go back to rest so he would have enough energy to do his daily quest.After all, Timothee only had two kinds of quests from his daily quest series. He could sleep peacefully now without thinking about the burden of his daily quests. . . .When he woke up, Timothee found his body much better. He decided to get up from his sleep to stretch his stiff body from sleeping continuously.Just a few steps Timothee stumbled across a pile of books under his bed."What the hell is this?" Timothee muttered as he couldn't remember keeping a book near his bed.Timothee bent down to pick up the book, then when he read the title of the book, he immediately knew that it was the book Violette had spoken of this morning.Interested by the pile of books, Timothee sat himself on the floor and began to read the book at the top of the pile.The title of the book was 'Basic Potions'. Timothee knew these books would help him learn about potions.
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Chapter 9 : The Craziness of Random Box!
"Do you mean my father?" Timothee felt his heart skip a beat when he heard that his father was looking for him."That's right, tonight the Grand Master is waiting for you in the mansion." Armand said that while dropping his head, he knew that Timothee hated it when he had to meet his whole family in the main mansion.Timothee involuntarily took a deep breath, feeling desperate at this point, “Okay, you can go back.” Timothee walked past Armand and left the man in the backyard alone.Timothee went back into his room to consider what he would do when he met his whole family at the main mansion.For some reason Olliver felt sad and gloomy as soon as he heard that Timothee's father wanted him to meet him at the main mansion, it seemed that Timothee had really been disappointed with his family.Finally, Timothee decided to do the rest of his daily quest, he was sure that his meditation task had been completed earlier, only the plank remained.Timothee also positioned himself to do a pla
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Chapter 10 : Messing Around
Timothee's assistants who were gathered downstairs were startled when they heard enthusiastic footsteps from upstairs."Oh my God! Why are you running like that, Young Master?” Violette stood up from her seat when she saw Timothee who had come down from upstairs."I need your help!" said Timothee smiling broadly at his assistants, ignoring Violette's concern.Armand raised his eyebrow in confusion, isn't his Young Master in a bad mood because he is going to the main mansion, why is he now being happy like this.“It seems you are in a better mood, Young Master. What can I do for you?" Armand glad to help his Young Master.“Hehehe... You know what, Armand. Alright, I need you guys to find a suitable box to keep this jade!” Timothee directly ordered his assistants to find him a good box for the stone he just got from the System, not forgetting to show them the jade.Everyone downstairs was shocked when they saw the jade that was brought out by Timothee, even Giselle dropped the pla
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