A World on Endless System

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A World on Endless System

By: Richivest OngoingSystem

Language: English

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In 2030, the city of London is under attack by monsters. The situation had calmed down, but monsters attacked again in 2050—the year when Narukha was 24. However, who would have thought that the life of an entire city for years was controlled by someone in power? After being trapped by Carl's offer, the boss of the Dimensional Portal, Narukha becomes a player with a system in his body and completes all missions destroying monsters in each level. Not only that, a mystery was revealed: someone among Narukha was the first monster host and had a master system in his body. Narukha must destroy the first monster host and that ultimate system to restore the fabric of human life. [WELCOME TO PORTAL DIMENSI, SOLDIER! GLAD FOR YOUR ACHIEVEMENT TO BE ACCEPTED HERE!] [YOU NEED TO FINISHED ALL THE MISSION TO GOT LEVEL UP 10 AND 10.000 POINT] [WAIT FOR A SECOND...] 0% —> 10 % —> 16% —> 35% —> 57% —> 77% —> 91% —> 100% [YOUR STAT POINT HAS BEEN UPGRADED AUTOMATICALLY] [PROCESSING TO CREATE YOUR MAIN QUESTION AND SUB QUESTION...] [YOUR MAIN QUESTION AND SUB QUESTION HAS BEEN CREATED. HAVE A GREAT TIME FOR DOING IT, SOLDIER!] Narukha was knew that his whole life would changed.

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95 chapters
Chapter 1: Underattack by Monster
Year 2053, London.[Breaking exclusive news, the elite system warrior squad has completely eradicated the monsters in Central London. Award pinned]Narukha smirked sarcastically as he read the news written on the shabby and almost torn newspaper. The writing of the last sentence is not detectlegible because the newsprint is not intact, only torn."Damn. The credit don't deserve to fall into their arms. They did what they should do," Narukha muttered while crumpling this torn piece of paper.Narukha's heart growled like the reaction that always appears whenever he reads news about elite system warrior troops.Narukha was really fed up because lately he always found news about System Warriors. Award after award they got, while at Narukha's residence, people died one by one due to lack of food distribution.Narukha sighed as he threw away the origin of the crumpled up piece of paper."They are useless. Servants of capitalist people," Narukha cursed again.To Narukha, they weren't that di
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Chapter 2: Camp Underground (The World of Poor People)
Three Months Later.It's been three months since the death of Narukha's parents. After the rescue from the System Warriors who were too late, he was taken to a refuge area.The name of the refuge is Camp Underground. Where Narukha lives now.Distant, seedy, and...cramped together."Hey you kid. Wake up! Wake up!"Narukha was already awake. More precisely, he never really fell asleep. But he pretended to groan as if he had just woken up, turned around and saw a man with a little white beard and a shabby face.Without making a sound, Narukha was motioned to sit down quickly. The man's gaze was wary around Narukha.Narukha was confused, again pretending to blink."What is it?" asked Narukha after sitting on the edge of the divan without legs."You know what? I have a secret," whispered the man when Narukha was already sitting on the edge of the cot bed. "There will be soup for breakfast today, and maybe for the next three days."News about food supplies again.It wouldn't come as a surpr
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Chapter 3: Trying to Escape
Narukha couldn't just sit back and wait for a miracle.When midnight came, fifteen people in this wooden hut were asleep, Narukha was still awake.Now Narukha was sleeping face down on the cot. In front of his eyes, there were three scribbled sheets of paper.All the papers are Narukha's notes for three months. He observed the movements of the System Warrior members. Narukha has noted that once a month, there is a schedule for exchanging System Warrior members from this refugee area to another refugee area.Also, Narukha once secretly stole conversations when System Warrior members were transferred to the elite area. They departed with the elites who were also transferred to another elite area's refuge."Last month, they had exchanged System Warrior members at midnight of the seventeenth.The previous month, they had exchanged on the sixteenth. Which means… this month, they will be making an exchange at midnight on the eighteenth."Then Narukha fell silent. He checked the number of li
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Chapter 4: Get Caught
DUG."Argh...."Narukha silently groaned after the box she was hiding in seemed to have been pushed down. His body fell forward following the displacement of the box.Luckily the box was not opened. Because if that's the case, chances are Narukha's body will stick out of the box and they'll know where she is."Ah, finally!" A man's voice groaned with relief.Narukha looked up with a worried expression. Since he was in the food distribution truck, he doesn't know who pushed this box.Don't even know where he is now. Narukha isn't in a dangerous execution ground, is she?"That's it. Our task of putting this box is done. Later when there is a food distribution schedule, we will use a new box.""All these boxes are thrown away?""Of course. Why keep using a box that has touched the territory of the poor?"Again. Such condescending words rang in Narukha's ears.Narukha didn't know that almost everyone here loved to belittle the poor like her.If it weren't for Narukha having an important g
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Chapter 5: The System from Narukha's Head
Narukha's head was spinning.As his eyes slowly opened, he began to catch a faint light. It was so dazzling that it made him blink repeatedly to adjust his vision to the room's light.Narukha groaned. The more his eyes opened, the more dazzling light in this room felt stabbing his eyes. But he still forced himself to open his eyes, watching the white ceiling of the room.'Argh... what is this?' muttered Narukha.Slowly his eyes scanned the room. Narukha was confused why almost everything was white. Only the lines on the four sides of the ceiling are gray.Narukha tried to get up. But he realized that his hands were stretched out locked handcuffs. He repeatedly jerked his hands away, but he realized again that his legs were locked in handcuffs as well.Narukha's consciousness suddenly returned to its fullest. When he lifted his face, he saw his body sitting half on his back. In the center of its abdomen, there was something like a coiled handcuff.Wait. Where is he now?Narukha remembe
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Chapter 6: An Offering To Be System Warrior
Narukha didn't know how to answer. His heart was torn between his doubts and his goal of coming to the Dimensional Portal.Remember how many people had to die due to lack of food distribution, Narukha was confused. Can Narukha trust Carl? Is accepting the offer to become a System Warrior troop is the right decision?Or, Narukha just refuse the offer?"How?" he asked."I'm sure it won't be that easy for someone to get an offer or an invitation to become a System Warrior," Narukha replied, looking at Carl doubtfully.Carl chuckled, his eyes narrowing. "It's not easy. Isn't this offer a great opportunity for you?""I find it impossible for you to make that offer just because I want to save the lives of the people in the evacuation.""Because we let them die? Oh, come on, Narukha. You have to understand that not all areas can be reached by our troops. Food distribution is limited because we also have to provide food distribution to other evacuation areas."Narukha raised her eyebrows as a
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Chapter 7: Dimension Portal Hall
[WELCOME TO PORTAL DIMENSI, OUR NEXT FUTURE SOLDIER! WE'RE SO GLAD TO GREETING YOU HERE...]One more, the echo of a sound system sounded in Narukha's ears. His two feet stepped slowly into the gathering area with white LED lights at several points of space. It's so wide and wide.Narukha couldn't stop looking at the humans gathered in this area. Everything runs from the West, in contrast to him who runs from the South.Not only that. Above each human's head, there is a horizontal polka dot line and a cross symbol.Information under the cross symbol: No Signal For System.From the left side of the wall, every six people came out together from inside the pill tube elevator. They used the pill tube elevator access to this floor.Narukha counted that the pill tube elevator only went up and down twice. This means that twelve participants are special people who can use the pill tube elevator access."What floor is this?" asked Narukha to someone beside her.The man who looked like a bodygua
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Chapter 8: Narukha's First Urgent Mission
Narukha's head was spinning.He didn't know what was going on. Yet his body now felt like he was floating. Something was pressing on his head so hard that he felt like the world was spinning fast.Narukha's body seemed to be floating on the edge of consciousness and unconsciousness. Narukha saw a light shining on his face, but her eyes were very sleepy. He couldn't force his eyes open no matter how hard he tried.Narukha couldn't open his mouth to speak too. Narukha didn't know what kind of reaction her body would have right now.Gradually, the faint white light became clearer. The net is opening little by little."... done, now start the skin sewing process."Narukha's sense of hearing began to catch sounds. As consciousness collected, though not completely, Narukha felt an extraordinary pain from the left side. He smelled the medicine so strong.In the limp position of his body, Narukha's eyes were presented with a sight. His left hand that was stretched out to the side was bleeding
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Chapter 9: Manual Surgery
PREAANG!Narukha looked frustrated at the broken glass on the ceramic sink. His right hand, which was clenched tightly in a fist, was trembling unbelievably.For a few seconds Narukha watched his fists. The bones that emerge are already purplish in color. Bruised and torn to the point of bleeding.Narukha grinned. Pain and aching sensation mixed into one."Shit..." Narukha muttered.The longer Narukha felt emotional turmoil welling up in her chest. His situation was like a mess. The wide tear on the left hand was bleeding more and more, while the right hand became bruised with several glass cuts.In his silence, Narukha recalled the situation she had just been through.His heart suddenly worried.Was his choice to accept Carl's offer the right one?Why do things like chips have to be put in the hands of himself and other members?What exactly are Carl and the high-ranking officials planning?Narukha frowned. His breath hitched as his heart stricken with anxiety. Too many bad possibili
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Chapter 10: Learning the System
[STARTING BODY RECOVERY...][15% –> 27% —> 46% —> 62% —> 79% —> 90% —> 100%...][BODY RECOVERY HAS COMPLETED. SAFE! SYSTEM OWNER SUCCESSFULLY GET ADDITIONAL STAT POINT STRENGTH AND HEALTH...][TAP THESE THREE OPTIONS TO VIEW DETAIL INFORMATION OF SOLDIER'S PERSONAL DATA]The echo of the system's voice came back. Narukha gasped, his eyes suddenly opened. In front of his face is now seen a blue screen emitting a very bright light.Narukha looked away with her eyes closed because the light from the blue screen was shining right into her eyes. dazzling."Argh. Can I just feel calm for one day?" Naruto grunted.After taking a deep breath, Narukha opened his eyes again. He saw a blue screen in front of his face showing a box. There are four writing options in the box.[SOLDIER INFORMATION][SOLDIER SKILLS][SOLDIER STAT POINT INFORMATION][SOLDIER LEVEL & POINT]Narukha frowned. For a few moments, he just sat in silence thinking what else this could be. He didn't know how to avoid the blue
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