Let's level up (The power upgrade system)

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Let's level up (The power upgrade system)

By: Knightwaler OngoingSystem

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System! I always dreamed to have a system, to get out of my boring and shitty life. Surprisingly the day of my birthday I got one, but I was not the only one, the whole world received a system, and the people who were born in the 3rd day of September got a gift pack, and I was one of them. But the shocking thing is that we got a system notification that the earth will be invaded by another dimension in two weeks time and everyone should prepare for it. ------ Author's note ------ Hi everyone, I want to warn you about this novel there will be a lot of mistakes, English is not my native language (I am only using Google Translate), and I am not a professional writer. I am just an amateur of novels and want to put my idea to life. Please if you see a mistake kindly tell it to me in a comment and I will correct it. Thanks for your understanding.

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  • hotgirldiksha57


    if this story is not going to continue please delete it atleast it will not hurt being waiting patiently for so time for chapters rip author

    2023-06-12 18:30:21
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    please update chapter...

    2022-12-27 17:34:21
  • wesleysnipesdead


    read it in one day... when we getting more chapters?

    2022-12-22 02:39:11
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15 chapters
01 The power upgrade System
At midnight, it will be my birthday, I hope some miracle will occur, and my life will go for the better, I am so dispirited and tired of this boring life, yeah you can say I am too pessimistic and there are people that are suffering more than me, but I really want something to make it more exciting, you will certainly laugh at me, but I have a dream, and it's to have a system, I always read in the novels that systems can grant you strength, wealth, and fame easily. If only it was real, and I was the chosen one."It will be midnight in 10 seconds." Rayan said to himself."10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0" Rayan counted down."Yahou! Happy birthday for me, god please grant me a system." he said crossing his fingers.[DING][Congratulation host 'RAYAN' for getting the power upgrade System][As a part of the human race, you are now eligible to use the power upgrade system]"WHAT THE ..." Rayan almost got a heart attack after seeing the system notification in front of him, when he was about to regai
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02 Training (I)
When the whole world was wondering about the system, Rayan didn't waste any time and put his tracksuit, and he left to the forest which is located next to his home. He needed to start his quest and get the most benefit from it.After he got there, he opened his character panel to check his stats."System, open the status window." he ordered.--------------------------------------- Rayan -ID: 89090319LvL: 0Class: N/ARank: N/AMana: N/A---Stats---STR: 0CON: 0AGI: 0INT: 0WIS: 0Control: 0---Active Skills------Passive Skills---Unassigned points: 100--------------------------------------After he checked up his stats, he found that all of them are set to zero, but fortunately he got 100 stats after he opened his gift pack. He put 33 in strength, 33 in Constitution and 34 in agility."Nice by increasing my Constitution I can get back my stamina faster, agility can make me faster and strength can increase my overall power." Rayan was happy to get more powerful just by increasi
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03 Training (II)
When Rayan was engulfed in his thinking, he heard some people coming in his way. He turned around and saw three people, it was Sarah and a very strong and burly man and another girl that have the same build as her. Sarah and her companions got close to him and greeted "Hello! Rayan, I hope we don't disturb you?" "No, I just get over with my training." Rayan said. "I want to introduce you to my friends, the nice and beautiful girl is Maïssa and the burly man is Adam, they both already reached 30 in three stats they are already rank D and eligible to pass the quest." Sarah introduced her friends and she added "I won't beat around the bush, I want to build a team for the incoming events, I had monitored you for the last hours, your speed, endurance and strength are on a whole other level. I want you to join my team." Rayan pondered about it and said "I also want to build a team. I don't know which trick the other dimension will use to invade us, but I have a slight idea. Having a str
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04 Choosing class and skills (I)
When Rayan was running, Sarah and her friends were not lagging around, they were doing their best to complete their quest. Adam and Maïssa were not satisfied at first that Sarah give the leading of the team to Rayan, but Sarah reassured them that Choosing Rayan is the best course of action for now and if worse came to worst and Rayan was a bad leader, they just have to separate. Hours passed by and Rayan got a system notification that he had received his last free stats. He opened his stats panel and began to distribute his stats points. When his stats reached 100 in each one, he got a system alert. [DING] [Congratulation host Rayan for completing the quest] [Calculating the rewards] [Congratulation for being the first one to complete de quest. Rewards will be distributed according to the achievement] [Congratulation, you can now use the system shop] [Congratulation for getting 1 ticket to purchase an emperor Rank class] [Congratulation for getting 10 000 gold coins] [Congrat
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05 Choosing class and skills (II)
When Rayan was about to unsummon his elemental, he saw Sarah and her companions coming his way."What happened here, I heard the commotion and what this thing is?" Sarah exclaimed, and she added "Did you already have your class?""Calm down Sarah. Yes, I have already got a class and this is my summon." Rayan responded."Incredible leader, you must be among the first or maybe the first one to achieve that." Sarah said."Fortunately, I am the first one to complete the quest.""What class did you choose, a summoner?""The summoning skill is only one of the spells I can cast. The class I got is the emperor magical warrior, a class that can wield the power of mages and be a warrior at the same time.""It seems incredible." Sarah was amazed."Sarah you all need to complete the quest faster, it seems that the quantity of powerful classes are limited. The emperor classes are limited to one for each, and there are only few ones.""Don't worry, we will be done in a few hours." Sarah said.When
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06 The virtual dimensional rift (I)
After spending five days training at the bottom of the forest, Rayan and the others got familiarized with their new skills. When they got over with their training, they separated and agreed to meet at Rayan's apartment at midnight, because it's possible that the system will launch a second quest at the end of the first one. When Rayan got home, he took a shower, and started watching TV waiting for Sarah and her friends to show up, when they came, he served them some tea, and they started to discuss. When it was midnight, they received a succession of system notification. [DING] [System global announcement] [Congratulation for all the individuals who had completed the first quest] [A second quest has been issued] [Clear the virtual dimensional rift] [System notice: A dungeon function has been added to your system that simulate a dimensional rift. The dimensional rift is the passageway that will link the two dimensions, it's generated by a crystal that need to be synchronized
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07 The virtual dimensional rift (II)
When Rayan was looking at the horizon, he saw something shining."I think I saw something shining in the north." Rayan said."Maybe it's the dimensional crystal." Sarah deduced."Let's go check it out, but stay alerted, the enemy is going stronger the more we advance."Sarah and her friends nodded, and they began to move forward, following the lead of Rayan.They faced more groups the more they advanced, when they got nearer, they could see the crystal more clearly."Everyone stops, I can sense multiple powerful auras under the crystal." Rayan's perception who's amplified by the sixth sense skill, he was able to detect enemies even if they were hiding under the sand."I can feel twenty-five auras, and five of them are more intense than the others." When Rayan figured out the seriousness of the situation, he summoned his ten elementals. Two were earth element, four were lightning element and four others were light element.Rayan assigned the role of each one of them. The earth elementa
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08 Reunion
Morocco, Casablanca, in Rayan's apartment. Rayan and his friends were waiting for the end of the quest, it was almost midnight. In these last days their skills and teamwork has improved greatly, they used several tactics to deal with the monsters in the dungeon, and they won every time. They even managed to reduce the time to complete the dungeon to three times a day. When it was midnight, they received a succession of system notification. [DING] [System announcement] [Congratulation for all the individuals who had completed the second quest] [Calculating the rewards] [Congratulation for you and your team to be ranked first on clearing the virtual dimensional rift] [Congratulation for getting 1 ticket to purchase a legendary skill book] [Congratulation for getting 100 000 gold coins] [Congratulation for getting 1 ticket to purchase a set of uncommon equipment] [Congratulation for getting 100 health potions] [Congratulation for getting 100 Mana potions] [Congratulation for
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09 Confrontation
Since Rayan and his parents had talked, he thought it over and decided to go look at the military recruiting. He called his teammates, and they agreed to take a day off and go to the military base the next day.After that, Rayan went on the internet to learn about the military recruitment, he found that the army didn't recruit all the people to join them, but it was more like a gathering for hunters to find teammates, and for C rank hunters, they can join the army after they have applied and take the test. He was also curious about the other strong hunters in the world, he searched and find multiple videos that show people doing magic or strong ones who lift a car or being bulletproof.Rayan was fascinated by the new powers of people who completed the two first quests, and that there were several rank C in the world. He also searched about the gift he received at the start of the quest, he found that all the people who were born the same day as him received it. He also inquired about
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10 The apparition of the Moroccan emperor class holder
Rayan’s father led Rayan and his team to a meeting room, where they sit to discuss their next plan and to know each other.Aylan was the first to introduce his team it was composed of 2 tanks, 2 warriors, 2 mages and 1 support that can also heal, he also gave Rayan and his team document which contains information about the skills of each one of his team.Rayan did the same, he also introduced his teammates, and he gave Aylan more detailed information about his and teammate’s skills.Aylan was shocked when he heard the skills that they have, they were all overpowered, especially Rayan he doesn’t even need a team if he wants to clear a dungeon, his summons can do the work for him.After that, Rayan’s father led them to the restaurant to take their meal. When they were done eating, they headed to the conference room where they will be briefed about the new updates about the new hunters that joined the military and about the various team that will be dispatched by the military to secure t
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