Rise Of The Penniless Trillionaire

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Rise Of The Penniless Trillionaire

By: Zendaya MJ Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"I think there is a misunderstanding here ma'am," he said to her. "That is my manager over there," he said pointing to Antonio, who was waiting by the side of the road for a cab, just a few feet from the restaurant. "I was only calling on him to give him the phone," Jason said, trying to placate her. But then, the manager was quick to walk up to them. "What is going on here?" He asked as he got to where they were. "Sir, this lady—" "Your boy tried to steal my phone," the lady interrupted and snatched her phone from his hand, not waiting for him to say anything at all. She seemed insistent on getting back at him for something that happened long ago in school. Jason opened his mouth to say something again but was interrupted by a hard slap across his face from Antonio. He staggered but maintained his stance. "Not only do you come late to work or be clumsy at your job," Antonio began in a fit of vexation. "You also steal from my customers too?" He asked Jason, who still held his face, still in oblivion at what had just happened. He nodded and tried to speak again, but Antonio stopped him with a wave of his hand. "I think I have had enough of all your shenanigans here and I think it is time to relieve you of your duties," Antonio said. Framed by a colleague and betrayed by his friend, Jason Abbout had his life crumbling to the ground. No one to run to, no one to share his pain with either, he was gradually dying. Not until, he received one call that changed his life. Now to those who hurt him, they must bow.


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  • Maduagwu Chisom


    I love the concept of the novel, I can't stop reading.

    2023-09-25 16:58:52
  • Ada Miniscent


    I love that I could see into his mindset and read exactly what he was feeling when he thought out situations. The author's thoughts flowed well and moved the book along very quickly. Jason's narrative voice is wonderful. He is serious at times, but also very witty, which makes for an engaging read.

    2023-09-14 01:58:59
  • Blessing Okosi


    The start is a hook. I love how his life turned from the worst to the best. Nice work Author

    2023-09-14 00:12:31
  • Estypen


    I can't stop reading since I started. I kept turning pages...

    2023-08-22 03:54:44
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109 chapters
Chapter 1
"Why are you late again, you nitwit?" Antonio, Jason's boss barked at him as he tried to meander his way unnoticed, through the back door of the restaurant.His heart skipped a beat as he had not realized that Antonio, the stern large man that was his employer, stood there. It was as though he had been intentionally waiting on him to be late again for the third time in a row for the week."I had some family issues to settle, sir," he lied, trying hard not to stutter. He could not bring himself to tell his boss that he had been training to be a fashion designer for some months now.He had been passionate about the fashion industry that he had opted to attend the early morning session rather than miss the opportunity altogether."Run along and do your work!" Antonio growled and Jason scampered off immediately, grateful that he had not threatened to deduct something from his salary this time.Jason carried on with his work for the day. If he did not have to save up to start his fashion b
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Chapter 2
Jason stormed into his apartment, consumed by a sour mood. All he yearned for was a glass of wine and a peaceful night's sleep to distract him from the waves of humiliation he endured throughout the day.Sliding his key into the lock, Jason discovered that the door was unexpectedly unlocked. His instincts immediately kicked in, triggering suspicion. The only person who shared this living space with him was his girlfriend, Cecil, who had explicitly mentioned she would be working and not returning home for the night.With a broomstick in hand, he cautiously crept into the house, determined to catch the intruder off guard. He was ready to strike without hesitation.As he stepped into the living room, a bewildering scene unfolded before his eyes. Cecil, his girlfriend, had her tongue entangled with another man's. Their bodies pressed against each other shamelessly, oblivious to his presence.With a broken heart, Jason struggled to utter Cecil's name, his voice laden with anguish. "Cecil!"
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Chapter 3
Jason could not believe that finally, with the amount of money at his disposal, he would be able to live a comfortable life and pay off all his debts.He was too excited to sleep all night. He anticipated the next morning with all his heart.His debts were cleared, and finally he was getting a new identity.His day of not being able to afford a five dollar meal was finally over.The day finally broke and he got ready immediately and waited for the car that Alex said would be sent to him in the morning.The car finally came and as Jason looked through the window, he could not believe his eyes. It was an expensive car, a black bugatti at that .From his experience, at least he worked at a restaurant and he had seen cars, he could tell immediately that it was a very expensive one. Which he knew he could not even afford to rent.Quickly, he brought out his screen cracked phone to check out the price.After scrolling for a few minutes, he was shocked at what he saw. A gasp escaped his lips
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Chapter 4
As the driver took Jason to the school, he thought hard about what to do. He knew that Cecilia would not let him off the hook so easily. She had seen the fancy car he got into this morning, and he knew for a fact that her greed had sprung up because she was no longer a part of his life. She was intent on frustrating him, and if he did not act fast, she would ruin him in the end following her greed. If he got to the school, he had no idea what to say in his defense, but he would not let her and her new boyfriend frustrate him either. He had to act fast so they would not win this time.He dipped his hand into his pocket and took out his phone. He wanted to call Alex and inform him of what was going on, but he changed his mind."Do you know my father?" He asked the driver. "Of course I do, he is my boss," the driver replied."I need his contact immediately," Jason requested. The driver took out a card from his breast pocket and handed it over to Jason, who took it and dialed the num
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Chapter 5
Jason headed straight to the lecture hall for the first lecture of the day and sat down quietly as he waited for the class to begin. As usual, everyone avoided him like a plague. He was known to be the pauper of the school, therefore who would like to accept a pauper.The seats in his left and right sides were empty, making him feel lonely in a class full of people.Each students made sure they fled from him, and at the slight contact, they tried every means possible to emaciate humiliation.His only best friend, Caleb, for some reasons, was absent and was nowhere to be found. He tried calling him but there was no response. He looked through his lecture schedule. He did not quite like economics, but the professor was nice. He did not ask very difficult questions in his tests.The economics professor soon strolled in for the first class and began to teach. Jason glanced at his wristwatch. He was glad he did not have to go to work anymore. He had been thinking of getting a new job be
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Chapter 6
Jason decided that instead of staying in the class and being humiliated further by other students, he would follow after the principal and try to make him understand that he is not a thief.He would apologize if he had to. He just did not want to be labeled a thief. The stigma would stick throughout his stay in college and he was just in his sophomore year.As the principal got into his office, Jason followed after him. "What are you doing here?" The principal asked him, seething with rage. "Please sir, I want you to know that I did not steal any money from the school," Jason pleaded. All his pleas fell on deaf ears as the principal did not bother to spare him a glance. He was adamant. He decided that he would not walk away.Jason wanted to speak again, at least to say something or better still vividly explain himself, but the ringing of the principal's telephone interrupted him. The principal answered him immediately, and it was a call from one of the major sponsors of the college
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Chapter 7
The principal was still at a loss as to what to do about the call he had just received. He did not know how to begin to apologize to Jason for the humiliation he had cost him."Is there a problem sir?" Jason asked him. He had noticed the way the principal had been staring at him as though he was thinking of what to do to him. "I need you to go to your class for now," the principal said to him."But sir," Jason interjected. "I'm here to make you understand that I did not take the college fund that was stolen," he said."Don't worry about it," the principal said. "Just go to your class," he added. The principal knew that even though Jason was the culprit, the money would be refunded in a blink of an eye because his father could do so.Once Jason was out of the office, the principal got to work immediately. He had to make sure that Jason was truly the culprit before he began to make such decisions against the poor boy.He thought of a way to go about it, and almost immediately, an idea
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Chapter 8
Cecilia was dumbfounded at what had just transpired. She did not think for a minute that she would ever be caught and her heart raced very fast. She did not know what to expect from all of it, but she decided to remain calm until the video ended. The whole class turned to look at her immediately and she was so ashamed of herself. Even Anthony had shifted from her. He had no idea that she was the culprit all along. He thought that she was telling the truth when she said she had caught him stealing the money."Stand up there, Cecilia," the principal ordered. She stood up immediately, still trembling like a leaf. The whole class burst out laughing because of how afraid she was."Here is your real culprit," the principal announced as he pointed to her. There was a slight murmuring in the class. Everybody was surprised that she was the one behind it all."I am not the culprit," she protested to everyone's surprise, speaking for the first time. "Then who is the real culprit?" The principa
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Chapter 9
As soon as Cecilia walked out of the class, the bell went off for recess. What transpired in the class was what was on everybody's lips as they headed to the cafeteria for lunch. While the other students were in the cafeteria having lunch, Cecilia was beginning her punishment of cleaning the entire college camp. Anthony, her boyfriend, had ditched her immediately. He did not want to be associated with her as everyone saw her as a thief.All eyes fell on Jason as he got into the cafeteria and headed toward the food stand. They all saw him as the untouchable principal's pet and no one would dare to bully him anymore.As he sat down and was ready to take his first of his meal, his best friend, Caleb, who worked together with him, came and sat before him."I did not see you in class today," Jason said to him. Caleb was the only friend he had, the only person that sat close to him in the class, and his absence in class was felt by Jason who sat all alone."I was helping my new girlfriend
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Chapter 10
Jason's hand left her waist immediately as he stood up straight to look at her, bewildered, but not annoyed. His face still stung from the effect of her slap, but that was the least of his worries at that time. "Are you okay, sir?" Alex asked him. A guard reached out for the lady, but he insisted that they let her go. She huffed, adjusted her jacket, and went ahead to stand in the queue."You do not treat a lady that way," he said softly to the guard, his eyes not leaving the young lady. Alex followed his eyes and smiled softly.She was beautiful, almost to a fault, and she had a long mane of wavy hair that rested elegantly on her back, reaching below her waist. Jason had never seen anyone so beautiful in his life before, and she fascinated him. There was a small scowl on her face that suggested that she was not happy about something, but he would not know as he had not spoken to her.Something tugged in his heart, a will to protect her, to not see her suffer. He had heard of lov
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