Derek was still trying to figure out who it was, but then he scurried away quickly. But after covering only a short distance, he discovered that a tall and phantom-like figure had appeared in front of him to block him from leaving.

“Still trying to run, huh?”

The young man was flabbergasted because the person in front of him was the same person he had been secretly snapping photos of!

A few seconds ago, this person was clearly more than meters behind him, yet he was standing in front of him in the blink of an eye. How did he do it?!

Having been discovered and even stopped by the person he was secretly snapping photos of, the young man got a little nervous and gritted his teeth. He then barked in a menacing voice, “Why are you stopping me? Get lost!”

Derek sneered and pointed at the camera the young man was holding. He asked indifferently, “You’ve been tailing me all afternoon, so you must have taken a lot of pictures, right? Did you think no one could discover you when you’re so clums
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