In fact, Derek could have chosen not to catch Aiden and let him fall to his death just now, as he ought to reap what he sowed.

But the words Aiden said earlier made Derek suspect that someone was instigating him. So Derek caught him and allowed him to stay alive to interrogate him and find out more from him.

But the matter of Aiden taking Clarinet hostage and trying to jump off the building with her had alarmed almost all the police systems in the city. Many reporters had also hurried over with their cameras and equipment to get the first hand news scoop.

In such a situation, Derek naturally couldn’t interrogate Aiden personally. He simply handed Aiden over to the special police officers for them to investigate.

The chief special police officer nodded and instructed his subordinates to send Aiden to the hospital. After Aiden came to, they would bring him in for interrogation immediately.

Of course, as the parties involved in the incident, Derek and Clarine had to make a mandatory trip
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