W-what’s going on?

The ten-odd bodyguards who barged in glared at Derek like he was a great enemy.

On the ground, Perry gritted his teeth resentfully as he struggled to raise his head to look at the bodyguards and ordered, “Kill… kill him!”

The punch Derek threw at his abdomen left Perry in so much pain that he was on the verge of throwing up all the food he had eaten for the past few days. The slightest movement made him feel intense pain in his stomach.

For the past few decades of his life, Perry had never been beaten up like this or suffered such a huge loss before!

If Derek could still leave Perry ’s turf under the siege of so many bodyguards, Perry would be thoroughly embarrassed!

The ten-odd bodyguards and Perry ’s personal bodyguard acknowledged and immediately surrounded Derek.

Derek smiled coldly and raised his leg to kick the bald bodyguard who rushed in front of him, sending him flying!

“Ah!” The bald bodyguard let out a miserable cry as his body was propelled upward be
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