Chapter Thirty-Eight: Outside world (part nine)

"Damn, that beast,"

A loud voice trembled in the brightly lit room outside of the dark hallway that parted into various rooms and offices.

Sir. Edwick could be seen walking about the small spacing between the couch and the glass table before him as he cursed out in anger.

"How much did I waste just to get that military-grade weapon to take it down, and yet it stood up, high in the god damned sky like a god, looking down on us,"

"That friggin' animal," he crashed his foot into the nearby stool by the side of the couch and sent it rolling off.

"I fucking hate all this," his voice kept increasing by the minute along with his anger level.

"Boss, please calm down," one of the men in a black suit by the side of the room spoke out to him.

"Shut the hell up, don't tell me to calm down," he replied angrily, his voice trembling. "Do you know what I had to let go of just to get that weapon?"


"Of course up don't. You don't know that's why you can tell me to calm down,"

He used his hands
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