Chapter Thirty-Five: Outside world (part six)

'W- what are those?' was the first thought that popped into Suzie's head as soon as she beheld the sight.

'What are those circular orbs laying out there?'

'Why are they white?'

'No, why is the zombie protecting something like this?'

She continued to think and was completely unaware of the danger behind her.


She heard her name echo loudly throughout the place and immediately got dragged back into reality.

Slowly, after realizing that the zombie might have caught up to her, she turned around only to see its large hand crashing down on her.

'Is this how I'm going to-' before she could complete the statement in her thoughts...


The zombie crashed its hand on the place where she was and in one strike it crushed everything underneath it.

Dust particles as well as smoke screens all rose high into the sky and surround the whole area from the attack.

Out of the smoke flew Silver who held on to Suzie in his arms as he came out in a hurry and shortly after, landed on the wall
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