Chapter Thirty-Three: Outside world (part four)

[C- crack!!!]

The zombie's knee opened up like a broken wood and in a few seconds, it divided into two, making the zombie fall on one part of its body as the leg fell on the ground.

"Yeah!!!" Avion and the rest of the ground team immediately burst into celebration as they watched the monster's body drop to the ground.

It was the first time they were able to cut off a limb from the monster after several attempts on it.

"Don't drop your guards down, we still have to deal more damage and find its weak spot!!" The other man that aided Avion reminded them.

Meanwhile, at a building not too far from where the zombie was, Silver watched carefully as he tried to pinpoint a location that could be its weak point.

"There's just nothing, nothing that can be identified as a vital part of the monster," he angrily voiced out as he began to walk about.

"So what do we do now?" One of the sword users close to him asked.

He suddenly stopped and held his chin. 'Judging from what just happened, I could say
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