Chapter 27: It has begin II (Red portal)
[Chaos wielder is catching up to host.]

Crimson who was dashing towards the finish point received a message from the system.

"Don't fret, little system. I will deal with him." Upon reaching the end of the bridge he spotted three portals. Green, Yellow and Red all the portal before him shimmered with an unearthly light, their verdant edges fringed with a riot of foliage that seemed to beckon him into a hidden world. The circle of the portal pulsed with mysterious energy, and as they peered into its emerald depths.

He couldn't help but whisper to himself, ''From what I know, red is a no-go area for low-level beings like me,'' he suddenly felt a cold draft on his back. Without thinking, he instinctively spun around thanks to his Ultimate Flexible Bone skills, narrowly avoiding a kick that would have sent him sprawling into the red portal. He stood there, his heart calm, staring at the figure before him.

"I should have known." He lampoons with a sad smile, "So you're the Chaos wielder my d
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