Chspter 28: Make a run for it. (Red portal)

[Alert! Intermediate four-arm zombie is attacking!]

_Sigh, will I survive here?!_

Just then, Damien turned his attention back to the paralyzed zombie. Crimson watched in awe as Damien moved in a blur, immobilizing the creature with expert precision. But just as he was about to finish the job, a deafening roar sounded from the distance. Damien and Crimson's expression turned awful as both turned to see a massive horde of zombies stampeding toward them in rage. Damien cursed under his breath.

"We've got to get out of here. Now!" he yelled, grabbing Crimson by the arm and sprinting in the opposite direction.

But it was too late as a beast dashed towards them on four legs, its body lean and muscular. Its fur was a deep, blood-red color, and its eyes glowed with a feral intensity. Its front limbs were like bulging pillars of muscle, ending in razor-sharp claws that looked deadly. The beast's teeth were like daggers, and its jaws dripped with saliva, making it seem even more ferocious. As
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