Rise of the abandoned son

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Rise of the abandoned son

By: Visionary OngoingSystem

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A popular quote once said, " To survive, strength is a must, to bend the rules of society strength is a must, strength represent beauty, authority, dominance and law, with it you can do as you please", what will happen when Crimson and Harmon two youngsters destine for greatness. with their systems they wish to rule the world and be the only strongest of their kind find out about each other ? will they wish to eliminate each other or will they unite and bring their races to the top of the food chain? *** The extermination of human races is fast looming. After five thousand years of waging war against the shura race, which looks like a typical human except for the horn on their forehead, The human after hundred of sacrifice were able to push the shura race close to extinction, but unexpectedly the shura allied with the dragons and demon races, with their forces they almost wipe out the humans, but unfortunately the humans survive. But what will happen if the shura race successfully awake their god who had been in slumber for the past five thousand years? can the humans who have no god be able to remain standing or will they face extinction?

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  • Visionary


    This is my first time writing a novel. Also although the novel isn't that too great but is sure with your help it will have a place among the best in the amateurs.

    2023-02-03 14:10:55
  • Onyerikam Chioma


    I don't normally read books of this trope, but this one has been a good read so far. Keep up the good work author.

    2023-03-02 21:21:08
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32 chapters
Some basic information you will need to note down for further clarification on this novel.POWER RANKS FOR AWAKENERS:RANK 1: BASIC TIERRANK 2: INTERMEDIATE TIER_ EARLY_ MIDDLE_ PEAKRANK 3: ADVANCE TIER_ EARLY_ MIDDLE_ PEAKRANK 4: SUPER TIER_ EARLY_ MIDDLE_ PEAKRANK 5: SUPREME TIER_EARLY_ MIDDLE_ PEAKRANK 6: LEGENDARY_ EARLY_ MIDDLE_ PEAKRANK 7: GODHOOD_ HOLY REALM_ DIVINE REALM_ TRUE GOD REALMPopular races to be found on earth:1. shura2. demi_god3. Angels4. Demons5. Vampires6. werewolves7. Elemental beings8. fairies9. Beastmen10. Dragons11. HumansNote: This will be my first novel, so there are bound to be some mistakes in it.Criticism is accepted.And English is not my main language so please don't be offended by the way I write it.
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Chapter 1: You've been abandon!
Chapter 1In a large arena, sounds of cheers and roaring could be heard coming from the audience, some were cheering while others were chanting the name of a young man with short dark hair and a lean but muscular build,standing at the centre of the battlefield that was displayed on a huge massive screen projecting the battlefield which was a square riddle with destruction at different corners.The torn limbs splattered blood and the charred corpse still expelling sizzling smoke with their faces carrying an expression of agony and horror before they died.The young man's armour was filled with cracks and some parts were broken, blood kept dripping out of his mouth, with some of his exposed skin bleeding, it could be seen that he looked to be in a vulnerable state now as he used a sword filled with crack to support his wobbly legs.The gore scene around him seems to have little to no effect on him as he stands proudly looking at the audience with a cold and aloof face.Crimson!!!Crimso
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Chapter 2: Strange ancient woman
Chapter 2Crimson felt mislay, although the family hall isn't far away from his house still it hurt the young teenager's ego to trek while all the kids take a ride.With no choice at hand, Crimson took a stroll, the family has over 6 branches all over the federation and this is the family's main branch where only the main families are allowed to live. It's built in both modern and ancient ways.Most of the houses are built with blocks but the family uses well water instead of tap water, the first family head said, it's for the family's good, but to train water elementals mage the family must switch to using well.Crimson was so lost in thought that he wandered into a small forest, although it wasn't filled with deathly animals as it was just a normal forest the family head made to keep the ecosystem normal."Do you want strength?" Crimson was shocked, { has the devil finally come to tempt me?} He cautiously looks around trying to pinpoint the location of the voice.He saw a lean lady
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Chapter 3: Unknown Soul
Chapter 3Crimson woke up with a pounding headache, his vision was blurry and he couldn't even stand up, he sat on his bed for over 30 minutes trying to claim the headache."Sign, I'm breathing that means I'm alive, next time, I definitely wouldn't drift into the forest, who knows, I might get killed?" He affirmed to himself after thinking of that horrifying old woman, just thinking of her sent shivers down his spine."I gotta go tell Mom about this, wait a sec, how did I end up in my room? Cause the last thing I remember was fainting after feeling my bone breaking down" As confused as Crimson was he decided to ask his mother, he stood up and walked over towards his mother's Courtyard.The family house in which they live is as big as a small community, as not solely he and his family live there but the elders and theirs too. It took him some time to reach there as no vehicles are allowed to be used in the family house and on his way unlike usual the maids and servants didn't greet him,
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Chapter 4: shura infiltrate the federation
Chapter 4PMWalker family house, Crimson's room."Arrg! Be gentle goddammit!" Crimson grit his teeth and tolerates the pain as the family doctor rubs some sort of oil all over his body, "you should learn how to talk to your elders young one, even your dad the patriarch has some reverence for me." The middle-aged woman said with a smile which Crimson felt wasn't as friendly as it looks."But can't you utilize your healing ability? This drug ache like hell, I feel like thousand of ants are crawling on my body and also my temperature is rising, I might die young and as a virgin, I don't wanna die youn...""Be a reasonable kid! You should be grateful your dad got this drug for you, do you know how costly it is? Do you think it's only to heal your body and amend your broken ribs? Let me tell you what it does, this is the liquid body tempering oil, made from a thousand years old dragon crystal, it holds the very essence of a dragon plus 40-year-old sea ginseng, combining them both with som
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Chapter 5: Choas system online!
Chapter 5."Fuck, my head hurt like hell fuck!" A teenager sat in a hospital bed while holding his head, he is Gustave or rather should I say 'Harmon'.After waking up Harmon found out he was in a different world, something that only happens in xianxia novels or movies happen to him.Back in his world, he was just a normal University graduate who applied to join the Zero Wings guild, a vrmmporg game guild.Oh yes, I forgot to tell you in their world technologies have taken big leaps and bounds so there are vrmmporg games and Harmon dreamed of becoming one of the best players on it on his first day of the interview which involved him fighting against someone to determine the winner. Something happened the vrmmporg capsule he lay inside suddenly sparked and exploded killing him inside, but strangely his soul got transmigrated over to this world."Damn if only those scientists back home will believe me that there is a world out there I'm sure they will go crazy over this news," Harmon s
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Chapter 6: Intruders
Chapter 68:45 pmMetropolis city, chinchin restaurant.In a three-story building made of pure tinted glass which allows people from the inside to see those outsides, but it can't be said to be exactly for those outsides, as they can't see those insides. Crimson in a black jacket, black jeans and black sneakers sat down close to the restaurant window."Sigh, when's grandma gonna be coming? Been waiting here for over 120 minutes" Crimson grumbled while looking around, the hotel was big but not filled with people as the only ones allowed into this section were those Scions, wealthy or influential people.Crimson took his time to admire the surroundings, the garden view outside, which was filled with a romantic vibe, suddenly a ruckus attracted Crimson's attention, close to him a middle-aged man could be seen trying to claim a young lady of about 15 years old, listening to their words made Crimson feels amuse."I would rather go home than sit here, I want that side the boy is sitting in,
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Chapter 7: ultra power system online
It felt like the world was in total darkness as the moon hid behind the dark cloud, the once gentle breeze suddenly felt bone-chilling and uncomfortable to the humans, and the roads beside the hotel were filled with abandoned cars as everyone fled with horror and despair written on their face, the beasts punch on each human they sight with killing intent on their faces, the sounds of flesh getting rib off and voice of cries filled with agony reverberate throughout the whole place.Crimson felt sick and almost puke his intestines out from seeing such scenes.The once sweet scent of flowers and fresh street foods suddenly becomes filled with a metallic and bloody smell.{This..is..is happening? It's not a dream? How will I survive? What will I do if Grandma abandoned me as everyone did? Am I destined to die abandoned by the world?} Those were the thought that flashed through Crimson's head as he look at the scene with a sickly and pale face."Everyone!!!, If you are an awakener from int
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Chapter 8: battles
Bang!!!"Hubby!!!" A woman's voice echoed as she rushes towards a corpse laying inside a crater, with a baby in her hand.The body's chest seems carved in. A shape of a fist, different slashes could be seen on different parts of the body also his left hand seems to have been ripped off while the right one has been dislocated.The man was the one who persuade his wife and went to fight and now it seems his luck ran out as he met a royal shura who toyed with him before sending him to death, the woman ran into the crater and kneel beside the dead man, with tear streaming down her eyes, she hugs the bloody body with her free hand while wailing loudly, unknown to her a shura was close by.Hearing the woman's voice irritate the shura, it grunt and walked over to the woman "$#%& hell devil" the shura said with a smirk as he bend his kneel and then with a boom shot forward towards the woman with a spiky club in his hand he brought it down towards the unsuspected woman.The shura expand his mus
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Chapter 9: Trials of mortals
Chapter 9[Ultra power level up system...Quest received: An enemy has been detected and will be here within 5 minutes. Host is too fragile to face her.][Mission: Attempt the trial of mortals to receive the system's complete loyalty.][Rewards: awakening of your primordial bloodline and 6+ to all your stats]."Oh boy looks like things are getting tougher" Crimson lampooned with a disturbed look.He was startled as this was the first time he saw the hologram.It was a new feeling or experience for Crimson, although he has a phone wristwatch that projects holograms too, this one feels different as it pops out right in front of his eyes. Crimson at first was frightened but after getting a hang of himself, his curiosity got the better of him as he looked at the system floating in front of him.{Strange, nothing is projecting the hologram, it feels like the usual hologram, just that there's no sign of the object used to project it.} he thought. {Also what's with the power grant? Just lik
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